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Enron feel is simply a great tragedy, a blind date Oolong laughable people say it enough, she booing, directly with the people gave the marriage knot! Enron stood in the doorway, looking down at the hands of the Civil Affairs Bureau of the red book, long before looking up at Su Yi Cheng said, "that we now go to this wedding from the bar." Had to watch TV to see what the newspaper said flash management shanhun also feel much incredible incomprehensible, but never thought I would have such a day, it took this not even go home, it is necessary to go back to one up. Cheng looked at her and asked "? Are you sure you want to marry that Mufeng" Enron moment, subconsciously shook his head, why she must marry Mufeng! "Then you've seen him, know?" Su Yi Cheng asked again. Enron frowning, shaking his head again, and Mufeng how she could have seen, if seen, she will not have him recognize became Mufeng, trouble so much a joke. "That is to say to you today, if not Mufeng blind if you think you will make the right to marry, not what you want to do with a man who called Mufeng marriage licensing, is it?" Cheng smiled, and asked again. Enron lengleleng eventually nodded. "That's not on the line, you come out with me today a blind date, and then feel like I fit, so we got married Why not?" Cheng concluded directly asked. Enron some have been around inside, stared at him for a long time also wanted for a long time, and finally little there really is no difference did not. Su Yi Cheng Leng Leng looked at her and some of the reactions to cheap jerseys online nhl look, just feel a little funny, turned around and saw Zheng secretary of the car down, meaning he said, raising his hand to lift the time is up, down and then look at the time, really have almost, he also had a meeting in the afternoon, he must return to Municipal trip. Enron turned and said "Give me your phone." "Uh ......" Enron moment, although I do not know what he wants to do his own cell phone, but still took out from the bag and handed it to him. Su Yi Cheng took, according to the boot, quickly press a few numbers, and then the phone rang in his hand and a beautiful piano melody. After Enron and handed the phone back to her and said? "I've lost my number went up, and I still do now, you must go back, you get off work at night." "At 530." Enron instinctive answer. "Good evening, I pick you up, so I phone." Su Yi Cheng nodded, finished Cheng secretary walked directly toward resale. Cheng ride cheap jerseys from china nhl until leave, and that the more open the car farther away, and finally small enough to only one point, Enron This response came, looking back, looking down at their own wedding that was grabbed, and then open the phone looked at his phone and address book in the name, this is really some hindsight realized that he was married, and for her husband, she only knew that he called Su Yi Cheng, did not even know his work, his age! But still no time to think when she's Deception deadly Lin's phone came in, looked desperately clamor Enron phone, took a deep breath, is squarely in the sights of the hide, conceal these things can not be concealed, holding a cell phone, simply press the answer key, Sure, and in that moment the call is connected, the phone over there where Lin fury snapped and cheap jerseys nhl free shipping roared "Gu Enron, you died, I cheap jerseys nhl hung the phone still off, you how to do with my life, you do not turn ah you, off five minutes ten minutes what a hero! " "I thought when the hero ......" Enron try to take the phone away from the ear more, no Nailin Li Ya born that loud, even Geyuan still can clearly hear her roar.