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"You ...... you are not called Mufeng it? Lin obviously told me that you called Mufeng ah!" Enron said she would not mistaken, on the way to the, Lin also called to remind her to come forward, obviously right to be called Mufeng, how even the names with surname moment all changed it! Just some messy when Enron Lin's phone at this time came in, picked up the phone, which is not yet open, such as Enron, Lin would crackling H said "Gu Enron, you die where to go, just play you do not say in the way, what cheap jerseys nhl free shipping are you going to the Pacific Ocean or to go, how long it has not given me that people Mufeng in that two hours of waiting for you ...... " Enron little messy, holding a cell phone standing in front of Leng Leng cheap jerseys nhl looked faint smile Su Yi Cheng, unable to speak, and then she heard the phone's voice came over the Ching Cheong, "Wife, you get excited, also with pregnant, doctor just said, your emotions should not be too big, I'll say with Enron. " "Enron, where are you then, is not what happened, Mufeng said he has not wait until you." Phone there, Ching asked. "I ...... I went, too, have seen the people ......" Enron looked Su Yi Cheng, silly Leng Leng said. What is the situation now, it is what with what ah! "Uh, you see, but just Mufeng called to say no, ah, he's been in that, etc., has been seen you come ah, you will not go wrong place to change it!" Cheng Xiang guess asked. "I am, I went to Guilin road 'Left Bank coffee'." Enron said truthfully. "Heaven!" Heard, called Ching can not help, then said "! How would Guilin Road, Guizhou road should be 'Left Bank coffee' is ah" "Gu Enron, how stupid you are, ah, I obviously talking Guizhou Road 'Left Bank coffee' What do you run Guilin road ah!" There seems to be Lin to phone snatched, only to hear her burst of anger said "You go, go Guizhou Road 'Left Bank coffee' does not know the way to directly hit a car in the past, Mufeng he was still, he is still there waiting for you!" . "Lin" Enron call softly and said. "Too late." "What the fuck was too late, you are now in the past would have time, I tell you, Mufeng really good, if you miss, you'll regret it!" Lin is now very angry, she really is to the lungs almost been Gu Enron explode! Enron looked at the man standing in front, looked at the red book in his hand, said. "Lin, I ...... I told people pull card" "What pull card, pull what card, I do Chedan me." Lin has been gas was somewhat confused. Enron heaved a long breath, closed his eyes closed, and said "I'll call back later." Having direct hung up the phone, or even directly off the machine, she was very much aware of Lin's character, so hang up the phone if you do not shut down she would call to set, but now apparently told her not clear, even her own, but also very messy. Watching the Su Yi Cheng, Enron must we asked "You're not Mufeng, why lie to me!" Eyes deceived some anger. "I did not mean to deceive you." Su Yi Cheng softly curved his mouth, he found that he was somewhat like her so angry, big eyes wide, very cute. Enron stared at him, did not understand him and said now the surprising nonsensical, he did not deceive him, implying he had an alias or nickname also called Mufeng accomplished. Cheng shrugged and said "First, I never said I was his name Mu, there are times when I want to explain, but you never gave me the opportunity to open a second, you sit directly over my position. on, even without my consent. third, about marriage, but also put forward your own, I do not stress even threaten you what. " "I ......" Enron speechless, unable to find words to refute, just as he said, he said these did not, and now think of it, is indeed a place of her own memory is correct, then preconceived thought he was helping Lin she's introduced. But he would be wrong, this clearly is induced her to continue to put too! That is being looked at himself in the hands of the red grip of the Enron suddenly thought of a problem, this man knows that she made ​​a mistake object, then why keep her marriage? Looked up, looked at him, Q "Why do you agree with me licensing!" Cheng smiled, did not answer asked "? Do you want me to reject it was." "Most people would agree it did a few!" Enron muttered. . "Haha" Cheng hearty cheap jerseys nhl authentic laugh, will be placed cheap jerseys nhl china in the hands of the red that looked at this turn, said. "I need a wife, I see you, very appropriate."