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Six p.m. more minutes of time, "Stone her mother" came home on a quiet autumn. "Stone law", said "Party asked me to tell you that today is a joke with you, so you know what love really broke his hand, he heard you, tell you not to panic forward to going to work every day, and today give. you remember all workers, tomorrow you remember all work and you can also take two days, did not pay, but the location you keep. " Anny youth nfl jerseys from china did not want to tell people these things, but listen to "rock mother" tone, surnamed Wan has given "Stone mother" brainwashed up. She also bluntly, saying "Where is he kidding, simply take it seriously " Then, something happened today'll tell 'stone mother "heard, Wan prosperity those swearing, she could not speak mouth, but the "stone law" seems to understand. "Stone law", said?? "Oh, this is a good thing to stand on big walls, what he was capable, even if he really touched you, they will not touch off a piece of meat, hold you, do not will hold off a bone, why should you recognize that true? In the hands of such people bread, you put yourself look so premium, can be done in. " Anny did not expect, "Stone her mother" put this thing to be so insignificant, it seems like overkill her, she was very angry, he said? "How can you say so if he wants so for you, you nor when the same thing? " "Stone law," said "I old bones, and he did not bother to touch him I was afraid to touch you lose, if you jump when broke his leg, which gives you listen to me persuade Labor tomorrow.? rest day, or go to work every day after it you twisted taking the work, he knows you hate him, he will revenge you, where do you all do not work. " "I really do not want to see surnamed Wan's the " "You hit your work, though he do? Workers are not his and he bully you, you have actually stopped his own work, it is not two bad?" The next day, Jingqiu rest at home for a day. On the third day, she went back to the mill to work every day. She felt "Stone law" have a point, but not his cheap youth nfl jerseys work Wan prosperity, and what I have to stop their work? Next time you encounter he did acquire a brick stoned him. Wan prosperity see Anny, a little timid, not very dare look at her, but said. "Sally, your hand is not convenient, Zheng Xuan Ke plant today to help people who do blackboard it," and then whispered, "That really is joking with you, you do not take it wholesale youth nfl jerseys on sale seriously, but do not talk nonsense to others if I know you Luanjiang out I this person is hard to eat soft food " Jingqiu ignore him these, only said "I went to the political Lost Horizon." Those days, Anny Zheng Xuan Ke plant would help people who do blackboard, but also help them to factory Journal, Like Zhang Zheng Xuan Ke's very appreciated for Anny, said she blackboard handwriting is good, beautifully carved engraved plates, also painted illustrations, gave her several manuscripts taught her to help look, she also made ​​a very fair very useful suggestions to, Like Zhang will simply call her to help write a few. Like Zhang said "hey, unfortunately we recently did factory job, or must you hire our factory to carry out his propaganda." Jingqiu quickly said "I have my mother's top post soon, but my brother still in the countryside, his handwriting was better than me, but also to play the violin, if your factory job, you can not put him back recruit ? what he will do, you will not regret it recruited him. " Like Zhang took out a small book, the quiet countryside in autumn brother's name and location are down, and said that if the factory go on recruitment, he must be greeted with the recruitment of people recommended Anny brother. That day after work, Like Zhang also told Anny thing about hiring two people a place to live is in the same direction, you go together to the outside plant. Had left the factory gate, square prosperity to catch up from behind, cynical youth nfl jerseys and say hello "Oh, put it well affectionate ah, what are you going?" Like Zhang said "We go home, on the way, take a while together."