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Enron lengleleng, but also quickly gains a nod, "I understand." Then, got ready to leave. Think, too, was the first meeting they said just married, who promised to do. . "Miss Gu" to see her go, Cheng also stood up and stopped her and asked "? That we first met, there is nothing to know, such a marriage, it does not feel too hasty." Enron look back at him and said "What some people considered it intends Xiangman understand, even a few years or even a lifetime, you do not necessarily understand the nature of this man, to understand his temperament, so to understand and do not care about the length of time?. and some things but seemed thorough look ugly, sometimes vague, the only hazy beauty. " Thus, as the two men stood on the moment, Su Yi Cheng looked at her, as if thinking about what Enron see him still without a word, turned heels ready to leave. Suddenly it came slightly behind some magnetic voice, "I'm empty again this afternoon." Carried away to pace abruptly meal, Enron turned Leng Leng, for faint smile on his eyes, I saw he spoke and said "? Can now accompany me to eat a meal of it." Froze after a while, this response came Enron, turned back on the seat. The meal in the overall Enron eat some strange, he seems really busy, did not move down a few mouthfuls of a meal chopsticks rest of the time, almost no broken phone, but the phone seems to be unrelated to the securities and financial, are generally are some of the things she did not really understand. But where there is a telephone that she'd listen to understand, it should be his secretary's call, saying it was not coming to pick him up, let it go to his house to take account of this, and then wait for him directly in the Bureau of Civil Affairs. They first went to eat dinner at home Enron, Enron waiting for him downstairs, took account of their direct and ran upstairs to down, in fact, when Enron took account of this run down himself stunned when good moment, which go get married? Think yourself feel weird. In fact, last night, cheap hockey jerseys replica she thought a lot, including the past and does all sorts and kinds of these together six years. Before fit because of that relationship had always nostalgia, forget that man, even subconsciously still longs for him to come back to find her, but yesterday to see Murphy, she did want to see, he was six years ago, does, he to pursue the things she can not always give, so after six years and six years ago the outcome, they always go together. She now twenty eight, and marriage and now she is already imminent, just worried parents, and even Lin also asked to worry about her, this time colored blind people have seen her, drawing near all there, look down it is nothing more than these, there is no guarantee no longer experience the second Linan Jie. She did not know what this is called Mufeng man is how kind of person, but according to the intuition is concerned, he does not look like she felt bad, but compared to those before looking for him, she still has a favorable impression. Until the door when they go to the Civil Affairs Bureau has come to Cheng secretary, Su Yi Cheng waited for her in this case, himself came to talk directly cheap hockey jerseys sale to the secretary Cheng said something, Enron even see the man staring at her view, eyes do not believe in shock. Civil Affairs Bureau, the person is not a lot, they all fill a form, Enron look out he was a gentleman, at least know how to take care of ladies, all the trivial things such as copying the whole single handedly handled by cheap hockey jerseys him, she told no need to do next too, holding a red book out to be two, but it has also been a semi child thing. Enron stood to be holding the door a little bit flash god marriage certificate, marriage turned out so simple! Open marriage certificate, and looking at the photo above, but also the rate of some temperature, the two photographs are not sweet smile, even in the middle also has a slight distance, Enron chuckle, but in that moment close glimpse of that name above , abruptly Xingmu wide open, that the above clearly says Su Yi Cheng! Enron turned to look at him, pointing to the name on the marriage certificate, asks "? How you call Cheng" Cheng laugh, laugh this girl's slow reaction, a little cheap hockey jerseys online bit rogue, said "When my parents so taken, so I called the name of the chant."