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Cheng Cheng secretary at the time, such as the old lady home to the phone, saying it was to let him go back at night for dinner, he knew not just given a meal so simple, it is estimated also revisit, re saying goes, nothing is what forced him to go blind , is thinking about how to fool says to push, when suddenly sat down in front of people, he thought it was Zheng secretary came cheap hockey jerseys online back, looked up and looked only thought was a woman, feeling that this woman is familiar, lengleleng remembered this woman he really seen, but also seen more than once! "Ah Cheng, you heard me say ah listen!" Phone side Su did not hear his son's mother for a long time to respond and slightly disgruntled asked. Cheng Hui Guoshen, directed at the phone and said. "Mom, cheap hockey jerseys I have something here, late call you now." "Take less excuse to stall me, to get this straight, come back at night and not come back." About his son used to play this game more than the Soviet Union did not believe his mother instinctively say. "Your father and your grandfather, although his mouth did not say anything, but my heart is still remembered you, you said you moved out to live on the move out, you always want it back once a month, said the day busy with work, a city help how busy can I see Mr. Chang will idle very often come to your dad also your grandfather playing chess chat, is he a party secretary of things yet you much? excuses I see you do not come home. " Cheng is really defeated by her mother, apologetic smile towards Enron, then a compromise at the mobile phone and said "! Ok, I know, will go back at night, so okay." "It's also almost." Sue mother That satisfaction, and later told a few, this hung up the phone. Su Yi Cheng hung up the phone, just about to open and asked him what happened to find Enron, Enron unexpectedly been robbed before. "Gu Enron, Musheng Sheng Yeah, I'm Lin, no, you should be introduced to colleague Ching Cheong, hello." Said Enron towards his outstretched hand. In fact, on the front of this man, Lin had told her to do when Guzhe say he looks more handsome, and forgetting to tell her something other, so confused she only knew his name Mufeng now, just know that he Ching is with colleagues at a securities company to work on the other, is ignorant of. Su Yi Cheng Leng Leng shook her hand, but for her just to say, he is simply listening to the foggy, and what care Enron? What Mu Xiansheng? What Lin? What Cheng Xiang? What are and what ah! "Miss Gu, in fact, I " was about to open, the desk phone rang again, sorry Cheng smiled toward Enron, pick up the phone press the answer, Zheng secretary to the phone, said that now the work coincided the peak period, the car directly in gambling in the City of Victoria, it is estimated that this still half an hour, afraid he waited for a long time, so the specially called to tell him first sound. Until he put down the phone, just about to open, ringtones rang again, where is the municipal call, informing the meeting on economic construction and development of the city in the afternoon postponed his move to be held Monday morning. He then put down the phone to be, did not wait for him to speak, before the Enron first smiles. "You look really busy Ha" from her over to the present, he almost did not break through the telephone. Su Yi Cheng smiled, on this issue, he does not want to say any more. "I first say that some of my basic situation now." Enron being the seating arrangement, looked at him spoke and said "I twenty eight this year, there are not too bad of a job, economic independence and improve home parents, the father is that high school teachers, the mother of any state owned enterprises in a cashier, I was an only child, and I am in good health, and there is no familial history. " Cheng This will be a sort of listening to understand, this opening, which is to afford her blind date, body lean back in a chair, mouth and slowly brought back the looming smile, the woman he met before three times, count this is the fourth time that, it was the third time he saw her blind date, and this one is not the only time that she and her blind date further exchanges dating, but the results do not seem how beautiful. But this time, some sad thing is that she seems wrong object. Reach for the coffee table, sipping, continue to listen to her. To see him without a word, Enron continued "In fact, to this age, like ours mature male cougar, out of blind purpose very clear, was simply trying to find a common life partner for their future life, as in love, seems to have had a crazy old are we, so, if appropriate, you marry me? "she tired, do not want to wait any cheap hockey jerseys kids longer to look at, and if the marriage is the final outcome, then direct the outcome of it, those process, she does not want it. "Ahem ...... Keke cough ......" Su cheap hockey jerseys from china Yi Cheng somewhat choked by her words, blushing at her eyes with incredible. Enron pumped up and handed him a paper towel, and asked "You ...... all right." Su Yi Cheng took over, shook his head, looked at her, "You, you just say?" Because choked, it seems somewhat strange voice becomes powerful. Enron saw his eyes, and said "Because of my economic independence, so do not rely on your life, laundry and some cooking and housework at home can also be competent, I do not need very large wedding, do not even have a dinner party, if you can we go tomorrow licensing registration. " Cheng looked at her, his brow wrinkled badly at first, then slowly ease off, chuckle shook his head and said. "I did not empty tomorrow."