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Xue Shanshan small workers recently more than a hobby - playing two hours wholesale nfl jerseys china before bedtime online. Number is newly opened, is Xueniu practice, called "kick boss good sleep." Although sometimes boring people ask why not "kick kiss good sleep", but still playing very Shanshan happy, so after boss every day, always swept away during the day depressed, feeling very pleasant sleep. Because sleep well, plus a day eating and drinking in the Office of the President, a long Shanshan quickly kilograms of meat. So Shanshan very pleasantly surprised. These are all eating meat meal president long out of the house, not money, is completely white long, how exciting it not amazing? ! Anyway, very Shanshan earned feeling. Another day in the evening, Shanshan kick boss, walked into the bathroom grooming ready for bed. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, Shanshan flesh squeezed his face. Ah, meat, no white long, soft, feel much better than before. Estimated to be president of the credit skincare adults brought back, or have done in previous years, this time from the skin of his face early. After pinch the left, then the right Qiaqia, Shanshan suddenly depressed up to himself: "Well, actually wholesale nike nfl jerseys paypal I looked it was still within the normal range, how nobody ignores it?" And her female colleagues have been all over the same period was chasing the wind Teng so many single young people, how no one sees her? Shanshan pride a little hurt. If someone just started chasing her ...... Firs fantasy this possibility, his mind drifting on the president's face smiled adults gloomy, Shanshan suddenly winced, thinking chi are all scared. How adults think president! Scary! Go to sleep! Shanshan quickly climb xxx, head kept in the yard. The results ...... sleep nor stable, president lingers adults actually went to her dreams. Dreams are very beautiful. Endless green meadows, Shanshan happy squatting on the ground to graze, right, grazing, because she (it?) Is now a rabbit. Eating eating, sight suddenly appeared in a pair of black shoes, rabbit fir look up, Oh, is president of the adults. President of adults dressed, graceful, looking down at her smiling. Shanshan saw a rabbit head down to continue to graze on, tells us think: outing also wear a suit, president of the adults you really jarring. Shanshan to himself was in full swing, and suddenly she was grabbed long ears lift. "Grass looking than me?" President adults very angry voice. "I feed you white, white like you." Like? She got it wrong, right? Shanshan stunned, half-eaten grass fell from her mouth. President of the adults seemed to know what she thought, coughed, red ear secretly, expression is very arrogant, said:. "You heard wrong, I was, ah, that you, you do not get too excited." Shanshan continue stunned, mouth and fell to a grass. She has wholesale nfl jerseys paypal been president of adults read not speak, angry: "You said nothing to impress??" Shanshan shook his head, trying to say I am a rabbit, ah, how can speak. Unexpectedly, president of the adults to see her shaking his head, suddenly roar loudly, blink became a majestic tiger, a mouth and swallowed her. "Ah" screamed, Shanshan Meng sat up in bed, holding the quilt cold sweat oozes. Terrifying and strange dream ah! Fantasy of it too! It seems that the future can no longer play online games. Patch of grass too familiar, that online games wholesale nfl jerseys where she often Daguai thing. More familiar with that big tiger is killed today by her boss monster thing. It actually adults together and CEO revenge. Well ...... These are not the key ...... The key is! ! ! President of adults say dream like her, she actually flushed plus thundering heartbeat! Shanshan holding the quilt shake ah shake. Is ...... Is there an adult that he was on the boss that mean? Otherwise shy and heartbeat head ah. No! ! ! !