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Although the president wanted to follow in Shanshan around adults will redeem, but apparently the charm president adults too, was approached for a Shanshan accosted employees crowded in behind. Shanshan had to hold the package together with Azerbaijan may last fall, A seal may look around the crowd Teng said:. "Shanshan you really good temper." "Ah? Have?" Shanshan embarrassed modesty, in her true if A may boast her. A may say: "You did not come in the morning, when the Ministry of Personnel has a woman actually want to sit next to the president." "Who?" Which colleagues so brave kind, even sacrifice for justice. "Well, is that red dress." Ah Teng may seal finger around in a staff. "The results you guess what president?" "What?" "President glanced at her and said, 'no other locations?', Ha ha!" == Sure enough, the president of adult style. Shanshan Miaole Miao the woman's back, shook his head, very scornful, said: "She was too thin!" Boss adults around like she needs to be able to bag weight of so able-bodied man! A long way to go, we go by boat Xiandao Taihu Lake, also called "Turtle Mountain" to the, is the main destination for today. In a few spots on the island saw the fly, Shanshan wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping little hungry, glowing eyes staring at wholesale football jerseys free shipping her hand bag. Boss adult bag certainly has a lot of good it secretly knows he will not get the point? A guilty Shanshan hesitated to do it, then go back in front of the seal Teng suddenly. "Shanshan, come." Being touched across the bag shape guess what food Shanshan startled, quickly put down your hand to do like watching him innocent. Hey, president of the adults called her? Is not representative of not angry ah? That's something you can eat the bag? Shanshan ran cheerful, even Shanshan Feng Teng told her no attention. "President!" We eat it! Shanshan two sparkling. Feng Teng see her chills, suddenly felt like I became a meat bone or something, hard to ignore the feeling, he pointed to the front wholesale nfl jerseys of the building said, "You have to seek a." Shanshan down his hand look at the past, actually months old temple, which has a lot of unmarried employees divination, and Shanshan faintly hear the priest say what solution to sign fifty ah whatever. So Shanshan immediately shook his head. "President, I do not ask." Shanshan very ambitious, said: "I am now to the cause, does not consider the marriage thing." Famous last words to divination, a sign fifty! Why not try to steal! And those priests is a lie to pull, they can marry a wife. And ...... She did not much good band She was not any thought out to play, go out a few dollars stuffed casually when tolls, where's the money divination. Tang Feng looked at her, took out the wallet, handed out a fifty bill. "To wholesale nfl jerseys supply seek." Shanshan took the money, hesitation, said: "? President, your money, I went to ask, then count your sign is my ah." Proton micro-hook closure lips: "We." "Uh ......" Be so? Shanshan confusing walk to Temple joking, employees saw Tang and Xue Feng Shanshan came, one after another with all humility let her seek. Shanshan kneeling on the futon, holding Qiantong before shaking the two, a sign on the fall. Feng Teng picked up to watch, said: "The first sign." That the solution to sign the priests, priests facing the book Yaotouhuangnao said: "a good sign, the first sign is a sign on the guitar, check the text reads: customs cock sing at River Island, My Fair Lady, Marty Miss your marriage to. " Congratulations to the staff who have around Xue Shanshan. Yang Chu Feng Teng face also faint hint of laughter, this fleeting smile is a big company to capture the fine people who know took on the ass, harder Congratulations. This is a compliment in the sound, just listen to Xue Shanshan happily said:. "This is a good sign alas, is the first time someone praised me a lady." Suddenly the silence inside the temple joking, Shanshan Feng Xue Teng looked at, and then walked out without looking back.