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He smiled "If you want to see how your level." She wanted him bad ah, etc. But he saw her swim, he began to swim, harm her disgrace. She followed him to a surprise attack, his hands grabbed his shoulders and let him carry her back. Her buoyancy by water, only lightly resting on his shoulders, bouncing their feet, that should not give him the number of additional burden. But he suddenly stopped paddling, body straight up and start treading water. She felt the people are attached to his back, and quickly loose their hands. Two people swim back to shore, he sat in the water, like a little shiver. "Are you ? Tired," she asked anxiously. "I did not did you first go change clothes, I'll be right up ." She seemed to look right to see him, and asked "? You leg cramps." He nodded, urging her "You are quick on the go, or once you go down to the river swim?" She shook her head "I do not swim, leaving some effort would be a good trailer you nike elite nfl jerseys leg cramps, do not swim up bar which leg cramps you want me to help you pull about.??" She gave him to be a demonstration of the action , wanted to help him on. He shouted "Leave me alone, leave me alone " She felt his attitude is very strange, just stood there and asked "?? You in the end how it was stomach cramps." She saw him staring at her, then remembered himself wearing a bathing suit standing there, quickly Dundao the water, I thought he must have been to see her thigh, and she was afraid he felt her legs are too thick, they hit their own fifty big board "My leg is difficult to see, is not it?" He quickly said "Very good, very good, you think you Freeze first on the go ." She refused to go because she was first up will let him see her swimsuit did not cover the buttocks from behind. She insisted "You go first." His wry smile "Well, you turned away " She could not help but laugh "You are not a woman, do you want me to turn you afraid I see you legs look ugly??" He chuckled and shook his head "I can not get you." That stalemate to end, or the quiet autumn turned to the youngest first on the shore. When he cries. "Well," she turned around. She saw that he had put the cage on a wet trousers shorts, saying anyway, hot days, what would have done. Jingqiu shore to catch up with him, to see him go unseen figure, only to run out of the water, but also the clothes worn directly on the bathing suit, bathing suit off and then went to the toilet. Results wet coat, elite nfl jerseys attached to the body, and made her very embarrassed. She told the youngest to bring a bathing suit to bring again next time, because she did not dare to take home. Youngest to help the car dragged across wholesale nike elite nfl jerseys the river, quiet autumn would not dare let him go along with her, her own trailer, far behind him, has been with the nearby mill, only by prior speak good, she went to delivery the car, and he went to the passenger ferry to cross the river by boat, take the last bus back to Nishimura floor. After things too, just feel a little scared Anny, afraid someone saw her together with the youngest, reported to the school. Tam heart a few days, did not seem to provoke what happened, she was happy, and maybe later you can meet with the youngest so sneaky. She knows he will want others to change in order to have two days off to K City come, at least to two weeks to come again. Came a man if she is not alone, she did not dare let him come up to talk to her. So to see two people not necessarily into the surface, completely "close to heaven." Do not know because the youngest said Wan prosperity is not authentic, Anny increasingly feel Wan prosperity is not authentic, sometimes talking, then rubs people came to him, and sometimes help her patted the dust , by the time things handed pinch her ​​hand, and made her very embarrassed and want to send a temper, afraid to offend him, do not work, and these seem to be just some chopsticks twist on things not only approach is to try to escape. But Wan prosperity really take care of her, always give her faction easy work to do, but every unhappy afraid Jingqiu like I do not know, like selling points clear of personal feelings, said "Sally, this is my special care of you, If it is someone nike elite nfl jerseys for sale else, I would not send her to live it so easy. " Jingqiu always say "Thank you, but I'm willing to do it together with other odd jobs, someone to talk to, more lively."