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Said go, dispatching is Wan prosperity, he sent her to do, she would have to do. One day, Wan prosperous mill called Jingqiu clean single quarters that several buildings, said a few days to check the work of leadership, you will be responsible for these past few days, several buildings clean. You do not have to clean the bedroom, you are only responsible for the corridors and outside walls. Corridor mainly those young workers live there to sweep out the garbage, you put garbage collected, transported to the garbage go. Outside the walls are mainly those old slogans, taking a dip in the water you put banners torn clean, can not afford to use tear Daogua. Jingqiu be there in a few buildings to clean, what women floor yet, soon Saowan within the corridor. But the men and young workers who live in that building, it made ​​her very uncomfortable. It is great summer, male workers wear very casual. More attention to the people, the door hung a curtain in the middle of that part of the cover of the door, up and down are empty, so the wind into the room. Do not care, it is wide open doors, all of them without a shirt, wearing only shorts. Jingqiu head down, one in front of a door to collect garbage, did not look up, afraid to see shirtless. Those men and young workers saw her, and some would call to shut the door. But some are not only close, but also to speak out in shorts with her, asked her that school, how much, and so on. She blushed and faltered two, you no longer talk to each other up. There are a few young workers called her into their bedroom to clean it, she refused to go, saying that the Party say, I just cleaned the corridor. That few people laughing swept the indoor garbage in the hallway. Anny had just sweep them out of the garbage receive dustpan, they also swept out into the hallway a few, so she can not leave from their doorstep. She first went to pick up somewhere else, and so they're crazy enough to come back to pack them in front. There is a curtain hanging on the bedroom door, Anny being put in front of the garbage to the dustpan to sweep, which has the following individuals from the curtain son spilled a cup of tea to drink the rest, even the water with tea spilled on her feet the whole. Kinda cheap reebok nfl jerseys on sale hot tea, her feet look red. She wanted the man might not see her, do not care about him, wanted to go look washed in cold water pipes. But this scene is just a passing young workers saw the man in front of the bedroom, shouted "Hey, look at the point of splashing water, cleaners out there in the work " the man shouted half and stopped instead of Anny said, "is that you you how dry ?? this" Anny looked up, her former classmates Ding whole, class and even the school's most mischievous one. Primary school teacher always let Jingqiu the same table with him, the whole school to put Ding Jing Qiu, saying that you two are "a gang of one," he naughty school, you have to control him, or you will be when not on "one pair of red". So quiet autumn when the whole class always constrained Ding, fearing that he naughty. Class out to see the movie, the teacher always told Jingqiu holding Ding whole, fearing that he run around. The whole is like a small horse, always everywhere, depriving Jingqiu chase after him. Into the junior high school, Ding whole is still quiet autumn "responsibility fields." Then set up "classes" because Chairman Mao said. "Do classes is a good idea, many problems can be solved in the classes," so long as it was naughty class, the teacher called the students to the class cadres outside follow the above classes. Ding whole naughty to the junior high school intensified, almost every lesson Jingqiu are on the outside for him to do classes, in fact, run around behind him, got him to do what classes, after a while he ran away a. Then Jingqiu whole really hate and fear on the small, daily expecting him sick. Ding whole middle school no read, she finally got rid of this burden, think embarrassed here today met. She stammered "What are you doing here?" "I'm here to work," he looked at her curiously, "how do you ? Here you can also enter the mill?" "No, I was odd jobs " Dingquan Hao Shuang said "I'll help you." Then, we should cheap reebok nfl jerseys rob her hands tool, "your feet it does not matter, right?" Anny looked, did not seem to bubble, he said "Nothing, you get busy, I have reebok nfl jerseys to." Ding do not want to see her whole tool to him, go get door to door "Hey, you have to sweep the floor, sweep out the trash once, do not look to sweep out a little, and sweep wholesale reebok nfl jerseys out a little bit, do not mess tea splashed out ah, my classmates outside cleaning, do not burn the feet of the people. " He that advertising that each bedroom door who have come to look at "Ding full of students," and some asked "Ding whole, this is your horse son" Some said "I've seen her, and that the publicity team of eight to our factory to advertise, not her accordion in it?" Some have even said "This is Zhang's daughter, I know, how in doing this?"