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Jingqiu anxious to put these people, all rushed to the bedroom to put their doors shut and locked, so they stood at the door staring at her work, and also the first product evaluation foot. She wanted so much doing this Ding whole? What shout it? What is worth bragging about things? Sweeping her head down, she heard someone call here again sweeping look, sweep away the garbage there, as well as in calling her "come in to talk," "Come in a cup of water," "Come to teach us to play the accordion." She not and will not answer, hastily Saowan to escape. When she draped ladder, with a small sign on the wall outside Daogua when Ding whole over any connection to help, she politely told him to go do your own, but I always ask him, Do not worry about me, you quickly go away , in a place where nobody knows by what kind of gas, what kind of bitter to eat, I was not afraid. But in front of people they know, really too embarrassing. The next day, Wan prosperity also sent her to clean it several buildings that engage the leadership has been checked. She asked Wan live prosperous factions to her dry, replica nfl jerseys she would prefer to do heavy work. Wan prosperity thought and said "Well, you hit unskilled laborer today with Peng master it." Wan prosperity brought her to work every place is nearby, just outside the walls of the mill river slope in the south wall, not far from the river, near the walls of only a lonely house, a paper mill , lived a worker surnamed Zhang a, that house has fans broke a hole in the wall, you need to fill up. Wan prosperity will be called to drag Jingqiu some bricks, and again some of the cement, lime and sand to use buckets to pick up water, within the walls with stucco walls and good, and then a small cask barrel barrel mentions go outside the walls, the walls on both sides are relying on a ladder for easy up and down. Drywall teacher surnamed Peng, is a fifty year old man, legs a little lame. He saw Wan prosperity sent workers to leave, he said "You send another an unskilled laborer, and she a replica nfl jerseys china man how to get those bricks from wall to wall but not more than a two to send you an unskilled laborer,?. a standing wall, throw a brick on the inside of the wall, I add in the wall. " Wan prosperity pondered for a moment, said?? "You told me where to find one person to say that is throwing bricks require two people to have a brick thrown over on the right did, stop here as I see you drywall to help her brick throw it. " Anny went to drag a car with bricks, then stood on the wall, and Wan Peng master prosperous one person standing on the side wall, the three men threw bricks over, Wan prosperity pat hands of ash, said "I ​​said right? this is not saving a work? "Then he Anny said," the rest is easy, and you do it slowly. "When he finished, they left. This live really not tired, quiet autumn pick runoff, and a good use of stucco walls, use a small bucket filled, shipped to the wall to climb the replica nike nfl jerseys ladder, and then help Peng master handed bricks, along the way. Marl used almost the same, they climbed over the walls to mention a bucket. Peng master no words, only hard at work, Anny also stood by the side lay a hand cranky youngest thing. To eat lunch, live've finished the job, Peng master lunch, and Anny can not walk, to pick up tools, cleaning the site. The rest did not run out of some bricks, Peng master said to throw here, but Jingqiu afraid, afraid square prosperity cheapskate know this curse, and had shipped back again within the brick walls to go. Now nobody helped, quiet autumn with a bucketful baskets mention. Being put forward, Wan prosperity comes, see Jingqiu mention being inwardly brick walls, said "Or do you stand on the wall, I throw you, you put a block thrown brick wall over there, dispersed lost, they do not hit the brick, not ruined. ground lost full, you can go to brick picked up the car, then pick up the bricks. " Jingqiu think it touches a way, than to own one comes with a basket to mention, the heart of Wan prosperity birth to a fraction of gratitude, quickly climbed up the walls. Threw for a brick, probably almost, Anny being head down, trying to find a place to go inside the empty hands of a brick thrown into walls, I felt it was a wall. She looked up and saw a square prosperity, away from her only two or three replica nfl jerseys wholesale feet away, she was a little surprised, stepped back into the hands of bricks thrown, asked "? Outside bricks are thrown over."