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Ding whole grabbed her hand and look a bit horrified and exclaimed "still bleeding, go to our factory infirmary package about it." Jingqiu want to shirk, Dante full without any explanation took her right arm up aboard plant infirmary go, Anny had no choice but to say "Well, I go, I go, you cheap womens nfl jerseys do not pull me " Ding full hold "This fear of what a child you do not know how to pull me ?" Plant infirmary people to help Jingqiu get out of the hands of the glass, only blood, dressing up, I heard that the walls in the factory where the fall of the south, and gave her a needle anti tetanus, said there dirty very, how to run that place throws? Out of the infirmary, Ding entire asked "Do you still go to work, go home and rest forget it, I can help you with Wan hunchback say you wait for me, I used to bike to take you back?.." Jingqiu not know how to do, she did not want to see Wan prosperity, hands in this way would not be able to work, said. "I now go back, you do not send, you go to women nfl jerseys work." Ding whole, said "my last shift, and now still early you wait here and I'll go cycling come.." Jingqiu waiting for him to pick up the car, secretly ran back. Home, and only one at home my sister, my mother recently Trustee to help find a work, in a neighborhood across the river paste envelope, piece of paste much more. Jingqiu called her mother not to go, beware Leibing, but my mother insisted on going, said "I do a bit, you can do less I was just sitting there lay an envelope, as long as they are not greedy, do not own. confused tired, should be no problem. " But his mother left seven o'clock every morning, after more than eight p.m. paste to call it a day, such as home, on more than nine. Estimate this paste, you can paste a month to around 15 dollars. Mom said he hand slowly, over many years, but those lay lady lay envelopes were some old lady can paste over forty dollars a month. Mom said there are people less eventful, or you can let Jingqiu do, what are deft Jingqiu certainly much paste. Jingqiu home, eat something, lying in bed thinking mind. I do not know WANCHANG event not to blame, went to Ma Zhuren said she was afraid of hardships there, not subject to distribution, not the work of their own to run away. In that case, Ma Zhuren would not give her a dispatching. And she did not work these days playing collar wages, part time wages are leading a month, between the Party to checkout with neighborhood by neighborhood to report to work odd jobs, and then only at the end of each month the neighborhood they sent money doing odd jobs. If Wan prosperity makes a shade worse, not reporting her work, that she even not receive the money. She grew more and more gas, he surnamed Wan's what so crazy? Not because he is the party do? He is also doing odd jobs came from the factory to see if he is willing henchman, willing to oppress odd jobs, told him to pipe odd jobs. So wretched people unbearable, but also quick to take advantage of her, more appalling today is completely bullying means. If she jumped to his death, but even the pensions are not. She wanted to tell him a form, the problem is that she did not witness, who said the letter? She wanted this thing to tell the youngest, so the youngest to clean up the surname Wan's. But she feared killed or wounded a surname Wan youngest to jail, in order that a disgusting man let the youngest go to jail is really not worth it. Although the youngest usually gentle, he was playing with a dagger like that day, but also the truth that dare knife into the white, red knife out of the same. Do these things she decided to tell the youngest. The thought of tomorrow have to go find Ma Zhuren dispatching, Anny very bored, she fearless tired, afraid to ask for help, fear of others despise her, left her, and contrived her. If the "younger brother's wife" at home just fine, and will definitely help her busy, but she knew "younger brother's wife" has been connected with wholesale womens nike nfl jerseys the recruits had gone. She told her sister not to his mother came back this afternoon, so my mother inquisitive, asked out and anxious.