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"Throw over." "Throw over, we stand here? Fast go wholsale stitched nfl jerseys china for lunch, I'm starving." Wan prosperity standing on the walls, the wall of the ladder pumped up, thrown into the walls go, clap your hands, do not go, standing there looking at the quiet autumn. Jingqiu puzzled and asked "how do you not go you hungry??" Wan prosperity, said "What is panic stations here to talk?." "What to say soon go on, you go I'm so down, I already hungry ?" "You want to go you go, I want to stand here talking." Jingqiu little angry, thinking he probably eat more in the morning, now hungry. She was a little impatient "You stand on a ladder the other end, blocking the road, you do not go how I go on?" "You came, I hold you a turn, you can be the following ladder." "No kidding, you quickly go on, you go I'm so down." Wan prosperity hippie smile and said "That's not Tuoliaokuzi fart, I hold more than one procedure can hold the ladder you go over there?." Then, he held out his hands, "Come on, what is embarrassed of? " Anny looked around to see if there is no place to jump. Walls with the school's walls nearly as high, so high the wall is not never skipped, but outside the walls in addition to the house is the river slope, the ground inside the walls or brick rubble blizzard child, or is the prickly bushes, jump not killed, but might hurt somewhere. She turned on the walls go, to see there is no place to jump. Wan prosperity stitched nfl jerseys now over, his mouth and shouted " Sally, Sally, you can not go jump, the jump will be a fall " Jingqiu stopped, turned around, snappily said "! Not jump, you know, you blocking my doing, you are making a ladder to get it out, I'm going down." "I put a ladder to get it out, let me hug you is not it? Let me hold also, to touch it. See you every day, in front of two large milk shake, really can kill you is to make today I touch I have to touch, let me touch me or to touch " Jingqiu gas blacked out "You are so nasty how I'm going to tell you where your leadership?!" Wan prosperity Xianzhao Lian said "You tell me what I do here, how are you someone saw me put it how you like it," he said, while the quiet autumn came. Jingqiu scared turned away, on the walls stumbled away for a while, take a look at Wan prosperity soon catch up with her, and she refused to take what the ground is, the jump jump, fall within the walls, then climb up, stitched nfl jerseys cheap quickly ran to the factory where it was. She ran for a while, to look back, see Wan prosperity did not chase, she dare slow down, there is no thought to see their fall. She took a look around, it seems that only allow ground blizzard son cut his left palm, the other better. She went to the factory edge of a water pipe to wash your hands, just outside the dormitory male young workers. Etc. rinse her hand, only to see the palm also stuck a piece of broken glass, she put the glass to pull out, the wound is still bleeding, she used the right thumb to press the wound, to stop the blood, but a press on the painful, she think it might be inside the remnants of blizzard, which only go home, find a needle to pick out. She pulled out a handkerchief, hand and land packages are mouth wounds, went to see the small pipes full side and asked? "I heard someone say your hands are bleeding, how is it" "Fall "