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Xiao Xiao Huang Dexing glanced again, cheap nike nfl jerseys then spoke and said "This incident is not designed, nor in construction, mainly due to the quality of this batch of cement did not compliance, the use of expansion cards numbered 32.5 composite Portland cement compressive strength of the measured value is only 4.8,4.3MPa, and the difference between the standard value 32.5MPa 6.8 and 7.6 times, this composite Portland cement has lost value in use, which also this cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is the main reason for the collapse of the fundamental and accidents. " Enron cheap nfl jerseys authentic rise, this result somewhat unexpected, cement strength is up to standard, it is entirely related to the ability to build this house, if there is collapse, whether it is shabby, it relates to the future lives of hundreds of thousands of households in question. People are buzzing about the bottom open, engaged in construction of fear is encountered such a case, the design is unreasonable construction can not correct these good change, but this if the cost savings, reduce the quality of the house, and that relates to all lives, and now it seems this incident fortunately found early, if late, and all are all finished, I am afraid not only at the balcony which collapsed, smashed casualties not just one person. Huang Dexing waved his hand to let everyone quiet, and said "Well, the question about the quality of cement, the company will coordinate with suppliers on how to resolve this matter we have a paragraph to this, do not do this and what is between colleagues unpleasant . " "Things are clear enough, I have no opinion." Designate Jung muttered loudly. "If it is the raw material out of the question, no matter how good the design better construction in vain, I personally think about this accident, our company is necessary to let the supplier to court to get the others to justice, after all, we engaged in the construction, after the house is to give live, we can not afford such a big risk. "Enron objective said. nodded, glanced at the side of Xiao Xiao, only said "The company will deal with this matter and will not be tolerated." Enron nodded, turned around and did exactly the opposite of Xiao Xiao cast eyes, I saw her at her faint smile, kind eyes Yinhen. Enron frowned, then looked up at her cheap nfl jerseys and saw that she had turned away face, smiled and asked what the other thing is . Huang Dexing nodded and said "Another bidding on municipal building will begin in a few days, our company's design has not been determined, next Wednesday I want to get a public competitions in the company, several designers will design Figure turned to when we open vote, who votes more than the figure then is who, of course, several interns If you are interested in this, then you can also participate, it would be an exercise opportunity. " Think of the design of Enron on some headaches, busy these days do not know what these busy, the city government building on the drawing until now to come up with a large sample, none of the details. Original thinking about this a few days off the evening rush, but this Su Yi Cheng tightly wrapped around her every night, tossing several times Bansu not let her get out of bed in the morning, she really did not understand him in the end where's so much energy. Think of these, Enron can not help but be Xiuyou angry face is not conscious of some hot up. "Enron?" Huang Dexing slightly frowning, Dihuan sound. This response came Enron, Leng Leng looked at him, and then look at you, they just simply do not hear what was discussed. "What are you thinking it, blushed, director called hello a few times did not respond." Xiao Xiao opposite half Gouzhao mouth cool asked. Enron unconsciously touched slightly slightly hot cheeks, sorry nodded toward Huang Dexing, "Sorry, just some get distracted." Huang Dexing looked at her eyes, only said "Night with Urban Construction Bureau to have a dinner, do not rush to go to work, to the time with Xiao Xiao to socialize with me next." Enron busy nodded, "Yes, I know." This fact is generally entertaining, though she did not like, but there is no way to refuse.