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Thinking, Cheng did not even know how he went into the kitchen, and how she hugs from behind, his chin against her shoulder, warm breath sprinkled on her ear, he can even feel the arms of the body in when he hugged the start bit stiff. Gradually blanching at her face, he could not help but laugh, this woman would be too thin skinned point, can not withstand a little tease, he is now in retrospect, and even some really can not believe that she had met on the opening of the first formal request says married. He can not help but wonder, where's the courage she had. "Face to face soon Well, you, you go sit over there, immediately, immediately, there was to eat." He hugged from behind Enron stammered, my heart does not live up to expectations wrought. "Ah." Su Yi Cheng Ying channel, but did not release her nose sniffing her skin, her body had told him the same paragraph bath milk flavor, fresh, good smell. Enron action some stiff hand off the fire, and then took the bowl out of the pot's surface folder containing well. "Yeah!" That bowl of candy face almost slipped from her hands, he put his hand where he! "Su, Su Yi Cheng!" Enron call him, reminding him that the moderation of his hand. Su Yi Cheng did not speak, hold her hand began to explore, at the moment where he also Guan Dele that bowl, he found a better supper, and determined to be delicious. Enron had more than once asked why he agreed to marry her absurd, he actually has more than once asked myself repeatedly, each time his answers are like her, fit, in fact, is indeed appropriate. But really the right person to do far more than she was a couple? Maybe he wanted to see her for the first time when he was like, a hint of love, not love wholesale nfl jerseys love. This evening bowl of tomato topped with Enron face last night before entering someone's belly, and then covered with Enron did not force already tired of sleeping down on the bed. 'Sincere buildings' large conference room, Huang Dexing sitting at the head of Enron and Xiao Xiao sitting on his right and left sides, respectively, of other people's time down Enron and Xiao Xiao next sitting. Huang Dexing reach drink some tea cup on the table and said "Today we open this special session convened by the main two points." Enron pen back and forth on paper painted what she does not know what the purpose of this open Huang Dexing today will be, but she guessed it should be an accident on the last wholesale nfl jerseys from china wholesale nike nfl jerseys site. She did not know the outcome, but look at the candidates sitting opposite Jung proud of the way his face and wanted nothing to do with his estimate. "About the malls 'Avon Park' construction site collapses cause of the accident investigation has clearly." Huang Dexing said that when the eyes glanced glanced Enron also designate Jung, and finally look to their left hand side of Xiao Xiao . "My construction is according to the designer's drawings to care, really have a problem, that is not my problem." Enron looked cool climate Jung said, his tone is quite provocative. Enron looked at him, did not speak, pen in a circle. If they are her responsibility, she has nothing to say. waiting to see this political text, directly spoke and said "Enron's design is no problem, the company invited experts for the design of a detailed study, those designs are reasonable terms, and will not cause an accident." Hou Zheng Wen look stare, "I was in accordance with the design, if the design right, then I have absolutely no problem with the construction." "Laohou, you can not hear people finish, what you wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping nervous excitement, I did not say that the question you construction." Huang Dexing saw his eyes, jokingly said. Hou Zheng Wen touched his nose, quietly muttering, "not my responsibility on the line."