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"Well, you go out." Feng Teng face cool down, waved her out. Shanshan went to the door, sealing Teng said. "Do not forget to come tomorrow at noon." This reminds lunch Firs thing not solve it, the steps were all big boss a gift disrupted. Out of the Office of the President, Shanshan decided, this money must also big BOSS, but the big boss is certainly not closed, so Shanshan very wise thought of a good idea - do not play overtime after overtime cards, do not take overtime, this can always be right. Linda saw Shanshan carrying paper bags out, smiled and said:. "Miss Xue, it really is for you too." No she did not take credit, said: "This brand is what I recommend to the President, the last time you did not say you skin is very dry winter skin from even the most wholesale nfl jerseys from china effective yet with a?." Shanshan think of it, once she went upstairs, and A may be to linda these fashion advice about this issue, I did not expect ...... ". Linda" What think Shanshan, nervous and asked: "? Both sets of cosmetics how much ah." Linda hearts frown, that she really petty, man wants to send something to close the ask price how cheesy, but still smiled and said the numbers. "......" Heard the price, Shanshan only one thought, let's go wholesale nfl jerseys blow the wind blowing her go ...... even so expensive, how long she wants to add class ah! Shanshan despair, and murmured: "? Linda, you just can not recommend a cheaper yet." Then surprised everyone in the eyes puzzled, Shanshan souls like floating wholesale football jerseys china down the stairs. After wandering soul like an afternoon, evening, and sat on the bed looking at Shanshan boxes skincare daze. Boss adults wholesale nike nfl jerseys china is indeed big capitalists, means the use of a stick Jinyuan was so skilled. Hey ~ ~ Shanshan open beautiful box, intended to try, after all it was her overtime after N years in exchange, we can not lay it expired. But those bottles out to have a look, Shanshan speechless. What is written on the bottle ah? Although each letter knowledge, but together do not know, seems to be in French? Shanshan face black. Throw aside the box, Shanshan ceiling will read in bed, and then up to find a pen and paper to write them a copy of the letter on the bottle down, going to the office tomorrow to ask colleagues. The next day at work, Shanshan asked two colleagues in this regard have more studies, they do not know the results. Shanshan thought, it had to ask linda, since she recommended brand, she should understand it. Soon went to dinner time, Shanshan very melancholy upstairs. Depression is because Shanshan was very contradictory. As the saying goes soft in the mouth to eat other people, take people's mercy, she also got to eat, have refused to help people do things, like little people are very ungrateful, but if you do not reject it, the future will have to continue to eat, maybe even continue take, ad infinitum, she would not be turned into bonded labor to pick vegetables from the work? Bonded labor ...... Shanshan Jiling, Bianti raw cold - No, no, this will never be a day early! Would rather do the villain, nor do bonded labor! The former is a personality issue, but the latter problems of life. Shanshan again determined.