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But one into the office, Shanshan discovered president can not be called an adult now absolutely happy mood. Oh, also, the boss is hungry bad mood even ferocious, stroked the tiger, then it is required to say good boss and other feed. Shanshan sat down consciously began to pick vegetables, and very respectful, please pick after adult boss over for dinner, and then have dinner secretly observed, ah, really boss adults face a more gentle. So eating, Shanshan finally heroic spoke. "CEO, pick vegetables can not do the job I'll do?" See closure Teng Jun eyebrow Longqi, Shanshan quickly identify the scapegoat. "You can let the party special assistant to do!" Infante help I'm sorry you ...... "Ah, no, let A may do!" Shanshan suddenly thought of the best of both worlds. This is not framed her friend, A may own say. Last shopping, A may say such things are seeking not wholesale football nfl jerseys to ask her, and said she wanted to do it or else give her. "Ah may educated ability, but also careful and gentle, but also proximity to call." Shanshan stuttered advantage of the breakdown of A may. Feng Teng squinted. "Help me pick vegetables, as you work?" What else as? Shanshan wanted to ask this, but unfortunately had exhausted her courage, Modan openings. President of adults now face is actually more than just wholesale nfl jerseys from china an empty stomach is also terrible time! "Since not want to do this job, then do not do as a job." "Ah?" That in the end is to do or not do? President to adults how so profound, do not give a straightforward answer to the point of it? Shanshan soon to be around him dizzy. "You may say that a strong academic high capacity Ah ......" Hey, there turn? Shanshan delighted strongly recommended: "A master's degree may be!" "So let her do this a waste of talent." Feng Teng Leng Heng said, "You just do." == Do not agree do not agree, president of the adults you doing personal attacks, Shanshan depressed. Look at her like a pair of silent resentment, sealing Teng mood recover some, changing the subject, said: "? Yesterday to wholesale nfl jerseys give you something you can use." "...... I wholesale nike nfl jerseys did not use." Feng Teng face and Partly cloudy. Shanshan quickly explained: "No do not, is at the label I do not understand, but I've written down, and so will ask the next linda good." Feng Teng rebuke, said: "This kind of thing also ask someone else, you do not feel ashamed, I feel ashamed." Do not understand French very ashamed? Shanshan feel simply too innocent, she is only a small financial, please President of adults do not superhuman standards to her good. Besides, even if she is also a shame to lose, president of the adults off what == "Used." Tang Feng look into steel impatience. "What?" Shanshan loss. "You're not written down yet? Copied Where is it?" "Oh." Though he did not know what to do, or submissive Shanshan out of paper from his trouser pockets. Feng Teng looked, and then on the table, "Come." Why? Shanshan Couguo head.