What Happened to My Blog Theme?

wrenches.jpg In case you’re wondering, I’m tinkering my way toward a new theme design. For something different, I thought I’d do the development live, which means that as I start out there is very little here for styles. This approach lets you watch it evolve over time, and should help me catch any trouble areas as they occur. One oddity that I’ve found already is an inordinately high number of database queries occurring — in the hundreds, in fact, when there should be something in the low double-digits. Normally this is caused by plugins, but disabling plugins and changing over to an effectively blank theme hasn’t eliminated that problem, which is the reason the blog loads much more slowly than it should.

A few changes around the blog

new-technology.jpg I’ve upgraded my WordPress install from 2.2.3 right up to 2.7 now, including updates to several plugins and a few plugin changes as well (add this, drop that). Turns out I had an improper MySQL query, and the changes I’ve made seems to have overwritten it. Like the shoemaker’s son who wanders around town in the worst shoes of all, I keep falling behind in the updates to my own website. Kind of embarrassing how long I let it slip because of some necessary database changes that I wanted to avoid. I won’t be doing that again.

Please report any weirdness or let me know if you see significant issues at all… but most significantly, everyone should see a marked performance increase. This is the main thing I’m after with these changes, as well as some of the back-end improvements in WordPress. While I was at it, the astute reader may notice I’ve shortened the website urls. But don’t worry, all the old links still work.

WordPress 2.7 is Out!

wordpress-logo.jpg I don’t normally do straight tech posts, but this one is worth it: if the title didn’t quite give it away, WordPress 2.7 was released today. I’ve already been running WordPress 2.7 on a couple of blogs I’ve been readying for another project, and I must say I’ve been quite pleased with it. Huge changes in the admin area, enough that I will no longer need to add admin themes to make the interface more easily navigable. Not only that, the admin screens are easily customized. Other major enhancements include automatic software updates, threaded commenting, and more — it’s quite a significant upgrade. If you’re not running WordPress, it’s time to switch. john-coltrane.jpg Seriously.

Oh, and one more reason: this release is called “Coltrane.” Now that’s incentive.

Upgrade Woes Continue, Film at 11:00

Anvil & Hammer I’m still beating on this thing with a hammer… I’ve got my database issue fixed, but today’s project was migrating the blog onto a new host that I’ve been using in tandem with the old one for the past few months for some odd-and-ends and a couple of new sites like Missio.nalVie.ws, an experimental Digg-like site for all things missional — it now just needs beta testers, a facelift, and some promotion so feel free to jump right in.

Anyway, I’ve got the database working on the new host, but seem to have a php error plaguing me… you may have noticed a 500 server error for most of the afternoon today. This does not apply if you’re reading via RSS, in which case everything will have looked normal to you unless you tried to click through to the site.