WordPress 2.7 is Out!

wordpress-logo.jpg I don’t normally do straight tech posts, but this one is worth it: if the title didn’t quite give it away, WordPress 2.7 was released today. I’ve already been running WordPress 2.7 on a couple of blogs I’ve been readying for another project, and I must say I’ve been quite pleased with it. Huge changes in the admin area, enough that I will no longer need to add admin themes to make the interface more easily navigable. Not only that, the admin screens are easily customized. Other major enhancements include automatic software updates, threaded commenting, and more — it’s quite a significant upgrade. If you’re not running WordPress, it’s time to switch. john-coltrane.jpg Seriously.

Oh, and one more reason: this release is called “Coltrane.” Now that’s incentive.

Electronic Hermeneutic Tools

logos-software.gif So today I got spammed by Logos software to tell me that their product line now includes a version of Logos Bible software for Mac OS. () I have several responses to this.

1. I’ve refrained from buying products that would otherwise have interested me from companies I might otherwise support simply because the product came to my attention through spam. In some cases, I’ve take the information from the spam and searched for a competing product.

2. I know that a lot of people use the Logos software, but I’ve never really given it a serious look because it was always too rich for my blood (current range $150-1380). I realize that the copyrighted works included require royalties be paid, which drives the cost up. I’m not suggesting that the value isn’t there to some degree, but it just always felt steep since if I bothered at all, I’d be into it at some scholarly level, well past the price range for the intro levels.

Emerging/Missional Computing Taboos: My Kit

New PC I’ve noticed that a lot of emerging church types like to talk about their Macs. Ever notice none of them talk about their PCs unless it’s in an apologetic tone with the notation that they’re misfits or just too old or something… otherwise they would be using a Mac. So I figured I’d break taboo. I am no fan of Windows, and I do not own a Mac. Oh, yes. Purist language coming… those who argue against Microsoft product on moral grounds should really go the whole way and instead of defaulting to Mac, take up the cause of Linux and Free Software. It should be a familiar manifesto… you might say that the GPL, the license under which much of the software is distributed, is simply a legal representation of the phrase, “freely you have received, freely give.” Get it?