Untitled Post on Spiritual Abuse Recovery

toxic_waste_barrel.jpg Brad “futuristguy” Sargent is on a tear with his series on spiritual abuse recovery. His latest is no exception to the quality of the series. He writes,

I’m in the process of figuring out a new church fellowship/home these days. Unless God clearly leads otherwise, I expect it will be more of a connection point where all participants already engage in some kind of ministry outside the time of gathering, or are exploring while they receive mentoring to help them find a fit. And so the getting together focuses on mutual sharing and worship, and support and fellowship and learning for the journey. Not pragmatic and programmatic, nor weekly performance by The Few, nor holding to an appearance of discipleship but that denies the necessary relationships thereof.

The Reproductive Environment

group-people-silhouette.jpg BusinessPundit asks What Role Do Peers Play In Entrepreneurship?:

An interesting new research paper examines the role of peer influences on entrepreneurship. Since most entrepreneurs are employed in corporations before they go out on their own, the study examines how peers at those corporations effect perceptions of entrepreneurship and the likelihood of starting a business. It turns out that entrepreneurial attitudes build through feedback loops. The more entrepreneurs that come out of a place, the more likely the other employees are to become socialized to the idea, and to be more keen to market opportunities. This could explain why some businesses spin off many other startups, while others don’t.

On Being Lost

Lost Tracks I’m inspired this morning by Ted Gossard on slowing down. He talks about “the Word of the Lord” (a phrase for you fellow post-charismatics) to most of us being, “whoa” or some variation of “slow down.” Our tendency is to run ahead, set our strategies, and work them relentlessly (though perhaps not tirelessly). Perhaps in the process, even when we’ve not lost our way completely, when we’re just a bit disoriented, we still tend to plod along without further evaluation. Transparently, Ted writes,

I feel lost even as I’m typing this post. It’s almost automatic of me that I’m ahead of the Lord, and therefore not really myself, as God would have myself to be and as he is remaking me in Jesus.

I Was Going to Say…

audio-mixer-mute.jpg This might look a bit like an early edition of my weekly links post, but that’s not what I was going to say. I’ve had many thoughts swirling lately, and have noticed some recurring themes in the blogosphere that I wanted to weigh in on, but I’ve just been busy with other matters. *sigh.* Anyway, I was going to offer thoughts of mustered profundity on many issues…. which have been touched on in several posts I”ve been keeping open in my browser thinking (naievely) that I would get to them. I’ve read some or most of these, but not all… and I’ve lost track of a few related posts on these recurring subjects.

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