Johannine Advent: John 1:1-2 & 18

Old Hand, Old Bible Our texts for the first half of this week get us started into the prologue to John’s gospel, where we’ll be spending most of our time through Advent… backed by the Old Testament readings, of course. It is thought by some scholars that these first 18 verses of John were originally an early Christian hymn, which is an idea I just love for some reason. I can imagine it sung… the Greek text has a poetic flavour to it that many translations just don’t get. John also uses words very carefully, being at times deliberately ambiguous it seems, or using words with double-meanings. Again, the translations don’t always catch these. No fault to them, double-meanings are very difficult to deal with in translation.

1500 Posts Later, The Book is Out!

Book Cover ‘Tis true, on both counts. This is post #1500! I’m 7 days shy of my 3rd blogiversary, and after all the words I’ve spilled, I’ve finally put some in a book of my own. Actually, the book has a lot of other people’s words… saints, scriptures, Celtic traditional prayers, songs, psalms, creeds, quotes lifted out of Pascal’s Pensees, the Dead Sea Scrolls, traditional Jewish prayers… it’s all in there! Are you thankful yet?

I haven’t yet received my first copies from yet, but I expect they’ll come out just beautifully (that’s hard to type with your fnignres corssde)! For the brave, since Advent draweth nigh, I’m going to offer it for sale, sight-unseen (well, not quite). Beware the lack of printing warranty… but you can peruse the book page for further descriptions and links to a preview and to purchase directly from If you do purchase from Lulu, forward you confirmation email to me and I’ll send you a PDF just in case it doesn’t arrive quite in time for Advent.

Book Announcement & Advent Blogging: Line Up the Cast of Characters!

Nativity, with Christmas Trees Might as well make it official — my first book, That You Might Believe: Praying Advent with the Gospel of John will be out this week. I’ve a hurdle or two left, such as finishing the cover design and getting fonts to display nicely, but those should be done soon and we’ll be off to the races. I will publish at and will also offer it as a PDF download once I work out the functional details of doing the download after the payment processing with PayPal. I will work on getting a small batch into my own hands if anyone wishes to buy direct… pricing TBA once the Lulu details are sorted out.

Random Acts of Linkage #31

legoblocks.jpg I’ve been away at Seabeck Conference Center this past week, participating in the Missional Order conversation and hanging with the likes of Andrew Jones, Rick Meigs, Alan Roxburgh, Bill Kinnon, Pete Askew from Northumbria, Bob Roxburgh, Mark Priddy, Len Hjalmarson and others. I will be saying more about the gathering, just not immediately… I just got home on Friday evening and will spend the weekend with my kids before saying anything substantive about it. This post and tomorrow’s were mostly composed a week ago before I left for the gathering, for just this reason. And I’m tired. If you didn’t know, this is also why I haven’t been in the comments during the past week… I’ll still go through and read the ones I’ve missed, probably respond to a few as well. As well of course, I’ve not been keeping up with blog reading as much as usual. Nevertheless I’ve, had some linkage collected…