Radio Hymns #5: Jesus is Just Alright

doobie-brothers_toulouse-street.jpg Sunday morning once again brings a series installment, this time from my new-ish series, Hymns from the Radio Dial

In 1955, Art Reynolds’ grandmother bought an old upright piano for $5 from the local church, spent $200 having it fixed up, and had it delivered to the family home — all with a sense of urgency. The piano was made of shiny blond wood that reflected the sunlight coming through the window which faced it. Art would see his reflection tell himself that one day he would be a songwriter and singer. He began writing music at the age of 10.

His grandmother would take him to local churches and traveling revival meetings for prayer to cure severe asthma attacks. He saw A.A. Allen, Reverend Ike, Oral Roberts and Jimmy Swaggert’s old campground revival meetings. These revival meetings and church services spawned Art’s love for gospel music.