Any Moment Now!

mtribe_logo.jpg I’ve be tweaking and the other instigators have been tapping away, and the final moments are upon us. Launch day for Missional Tribe is on Epiphany, January 6th, and we have a few real goodies in store — for instance,

Emerge-ed? — Further Thoughts

emergentvillage_logo.jpg My little Emerge-ed? piece really seemed to strike a cord with some people, and maybe hit a nerve with others. As I’ve thought about this over the last little bit, I decided that an addendum might be in order.

Even Brian McLaren is clarifying statements about him having “moved past” Emergent, (Tony Jones goes defensive over different issues with the article, getting a response from Marcia Ford) but I did like what Brian said:

For what it’s worth, I have no interest in arguing who is and who isn’t emergent, emerging church, missional church, postmodern, new monastic, etc., etc., etc. It’s just not the way I think, and in fact, drawing branding lines to define an in-group or out-group makes me itchy. Besides, for some people, having emergent sympathies might be like working for the CIA – the people who are deepest in could be the last to admit it for lots of good reasons.


I believe I ordered the LARGE cappuccino You have to read that title with a Mike Meyers beat poet voice like in So I Married an Axe Murderer (a true classic, directed by Thomas Schlamme of West Wing fame). I don’t know if we’re all “emerge-ed” now — I doubt it — but it looks like we’re dropping the name. Some of this appears to be distancing from Emergent™ and some looks to be simply distancing from labels that are confusing and misleading to some. Often people get a certain idea of what the term “emerging church” means, and the idea has a lot read into it that shouldn’t be there. No doubt some of the reading-in is caused by the poisoning of the waters by some critics who essentially critique a caricature rather than an accurate portrait of the emerging church itself. In some cases, I gather the caricature becomes so pervasive that some distancing from the term itself needs to take place. I hate when this happens with the really good terms.

50 Ways to Define “Missional” – I

Blues Brothers:  On the Missio Dei. When I composed my entry into the Missional Synchroblog, I suggested that of the 50 different responses in the list, there just might be 50 different definitions of missional. Some of the entries have been really top-notch, and make valuable contributions to a rounding-out of the term. While there may be some mildly contradictory views, I did want to explore what the corpus of posts is saying as a whole — or at least to summarize and interact with a few of them. Given the number of posts to wade through, this will probably be a bit of a miniseries, lest I be accused of writing too many loooong posts. We set the stage with apologies to Paul Simon.

“The problem is all inside your head”, she said to me
The answer is easy if you take it logically
I’d like to help you in your struggle to be free
There must be fifty ways to define “missional”


Bible Apps Well, I started to take up the Tall Skinny Challenge at Bible Apps. I succeeded in getting him some “company at the top,” but I have to ask how long it actually took him to amass 27,000 points! I think I’ve got to call it quits rather than work on the extra 23,000 points I’d need to edge him off the top spot. I have no illusions of knocking him off of Technorati, either ;^)

The Bible Apps quiz displays a random verse in the King’s English (King James, that is) and gives you a multiple-choice selection of which book of the Bible it’s from. Once you get past the King James and get in the groove, it’s not too bad… and is actually a little bit addictive at that point. The game gives you stats on how many you’ve managed to answer correctly in a row, your “current streak,” percentage correct, and your average time to answer. I was hitting 83% in an average of 6 seconds with a “best streak” of 36 questions. I was down to a 5-second average at one point and managed to bring my average up from 80% as I went along.

All Saints Day

Global Family of Saints Andrew Jones has announced a new blog season for himself, following the Celtic and church calendars. The Lectionary calendar starts “Year A” on December 2nd with the Advent season, and I’m considering options as I seek to add some new spiritual habits (disciplines) into the pattern of my own life, and wondering how I might weave some of them into the blog happenings here. I’m thinking about:

Ten, Twenty, Thirty

old-pocketwatch.jpg It’s a meme, some sort of virus I caught from John Smulo. What’re ya gonna do, eh? I figure it was probably started by somebody trying to sort out who the kinderbloggers were and who actually had a “30” to report upon. Ah, well.

Ten years ago, on a cold dark night… no, wait, that’s Sting with the Chieftains filling my brain. Ten years back, 1997. I was a committed part of a church-planting team. We had just had a very good retreat together during which Princess Diana died… which I actually mentioned on that anniversary. We were plugged in and plugging away… it was just before the disillusionment set in that would end a seven-year weariness by setting us packing from the church. “The Toronto Blessing” effects had worn down in the city and we were starting to look for the next big revival-thing. We set some really good stones into the foundation of our little church community, but they were later ripped out.