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LOREN MUSE FUMED.Shed been about to call Ed Steinberg and complain about Yatess treatment of her, but in the end she decided against it. Little lady cant take care of herself. Needs to call her boss for help. No, she wouldnt play into that.She was still part of the investigation. Fine, that was all she wanted. A foot in the door. She started digging up all she could on the roommate, Kimmy Dale. It wasnt too difficult. Kimmy had a record for prostitution. Despite what people thought, prostitution was not legal in Clark County, where Las Vegas is.One of Dales old probation officers, an old-timer named Taylor, was in early. He remembered her. What can I tell you? Taylor began. Kimmy Dale had a bad family history, but what girl out here doesnt? You ever listen to Howard Stern on the radio? Sure. Ever listen when he has strippers on? He always kinda jokingly asks, And you were first abused at what age? and the thing is, they always have an answer. They always were. They sit there and say its great getting naked and they made their own choice, blah blah, but theres always something in the background. You know what I mean? I do. So Kimmy Dale was another classic case. She ran away from home and started stripping when she was probably fourteen, fifteen tops. Do you know where she is now? She moved out to Reno. I got a home authentic nfl jerseys cheap china address if you want. I do. He gave her Kimmy Dales home address. Last I heard she works out of a place called the Eager Beaver, which, believe it or not, is not as classy as the name would lead you to believe. Eager Beaver, she thought. Wasnt that where Yates said Charles Talley worked?Taylor said, Nice town, Reno. Not like Vegas. Dont get me wrong. I love Vegas. We all do. Its awful and horrible and mobbed up, but we dont leave. You know what Im saying? Im calling you from Newark, New Jersey, she said. So yeah, I know what you mean. Taylor laughed. Anyway, Reno is actually a pretty nice place to raise a family nowadays. Good weather because its below the Sierra Nevada mountains. Used to be divorce capital of the USA and have more millionaires per capita than anywhere in the country. You ever been? Nope. Are you cute? Adorable. So come out to Vegas. Ill show you around. Next plane, Im there. Wait, youre not one of those I-hate-men feminazis, are you? Only when I dont get enough sleep. So whats this about? Her cell phone began to ring. Ill fill you in later, okay? authentic nfl jerseys china free shipping Thanks, Taylor. Well stay at the Mandalay Bay. I know a guy. Youll love it. Right, soon, bye. She hung up and hit the answer button. Hello? Without preamble, Mother Katherine said, She was murdered, wasnt she? Loren was about to hem and haw again, but something in Mother Katherines tone told her authentic nfl jerseys cheap from china it would be a waste of time. Yes. Then I need to see you. Whys that? I wasnt allowed to say anything before. Sister Mary Rose was very specific. Specific about what? Please come by my office as soon as you can, Loren. I need to show you something. What can I do for you, Agent Yates? Olivia asked.By the door, Cal Dollingers eyes swept the room. Adam Yates sat and rested his elbows on his thighs. You own a lot of books, Yates said. Very observant. Are they yours or your husbands? Olivia put her hands on her hips. Yes, I can see how that would be relevant, so let me clear your mind. Most of the books belong to me. Are we done? Yates smiled. Youre very amusing, he said. Isnt she amusing, Cal? Cal nodded. Most strippers and whores, theyre bitter. But not her. Shes a slice of sunshine. Sunshine indeed, Yates added.Olivia did not like the way this was going. What do you want? You faked your own death, Yates said. Thats a crime. She said nothing. That girl who really died, he went on. What was her name? I dont know what youre talking about. Her name was Cassandra, wasnt it? Yates leaned in a little. Were you the one who murdered her? Olivia held her ground. What do you want? You know. Yatess hands tightened into fists, then relaxed. She glanced at the door. Cal remained calm, a statue. Im sorry, she said. I dont. Yates tried a smile. Wheres the tape? Olivia stiffened. She flashed back to that trailer. There had been a horrible smell when she and Kimmy first moved into it, as if small animals had died in the walls. Kimmy had bought some heavy potpourri- much too perfumed. It tried to mask something that could never really be hidden. The smell came back to her now. She saw Cassandras crumpled body. She remembered the fear on Clyde Rangors face as he asked: Wheres the tape? She tried to keep her voice from cracking. authentic nfl jerseys cheap I dont know what youre talking about. Why did you run away and change your name? I needed a fresh start. Just like that? No, Olivia said. Nothing about it was just like that. She stood. And I dont want to answer any more questions until my attorney is present. Yates looked up at her. Sit down. I want you both out of here. I said sit down. She looked over at Cal Dollinger again. Still playing statue. He had eyes with nothing behind them. Olivia did as Yates said. She sat.

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