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I was going to say something like, You got a nice life here, you wouldnt want me to spoil it all for you, Yates began. But Im not sure that will work. Your neighborhood is a cesspool. Your house is a dump. Your husband is an ex-con wanted in a triple murder. He gave her the smile. One would have thought youd have made the most of your new start, Candi. authentic nfl jerseys for women But amazingly you did just the opposite. authentic nfl jerseys for cheap prices He was intentionally trying to antagonize her. Olivia wouldnt let that happen. Id like you both to leave now. You dont care who learns your secret? Please leave. I could arrest you. That was when she decided to take the chance. Olivia put out her hands, as if ready to be cuffed. Yates did not move. He could arrest her, of course. She wasnt sure of the exact law or the statute of limitations, but she had clearly interfered with a murder investigation- she had, in fact, pretended to be the victim. It would be more than enough to hold her.But that wasnt what Yates wanted.Clydes pleading voice: Wheres the tape? Yates wanted something else. Something Cassandra had died for. Something Clyde Rangor had killed for. She looked into his face. The eyes were steady. His hands kept clenching and unclenching.Her wrists were still together in front of her. She waited another second, then dropped them back to her sides. I dont know anything about any tapes, she said.Now it was Yatess turn to study her. He took his time. I believe you, he said.And for some reason the way he said it scared her more than anything else. Please come with us, Yates said. Where? Im taking you in. On what charge? You want the list alphabetically? Ill need to call my attorney. You can call him from the precinct. She was not sure how to play this. Cal Dollinger took a step toward her. When she took a step back, the big man said, You want me to drag you out of here in cuffs? Olivia stopped. That wont be necessary. They headed outside. Yates took the lead. Dollinger stayed next to her. Olivia checked the streets. The giant brown beer bottle was in the sky. For some reason it gave her comfort. Yates walked ahead. He unlocked the car door, slid in, started it up. He turned back and looked at Olivia and suddenly it hit her.She recognized him.Names fled easily, but faces were her prisoners for life. When shed danced it became a way of numbing herself. Shed studied the faces. Shed memorize them, classify them by their level of boredom and enjoyment, try to remember how many times theyd been there. It had been a mental exercise, a way to distract herself.Adam Yates had been to Clydes club.She may have hesitated or maybe Cal Dollinger was just attuned to what was going on around him. She was about to flee, authentic nfl jerseys for cheap just start running until her legs gave out, but Dollinger put a firm hand on her arm. He squeezed the spot above her elbow just hard enough to get her attention. She tried to pull away, but it was like pulling your arm out of a concrete block.She couldnt move.They were almost at the car now. Cal picked up speed. Olivias eyes skimmed the street, pausing on Lawrence. He was standing on the corner, swaying with another man she didnt know. Both of them had brown paper bags in their hand. Lawrence looked at her and started to raise his hand to wave.Olivia mouthed the words: Help me.Lawrences face didnt change. There was no reaction at all. The other man made a joke. Lawrence laughed long and hard and slapped his thigh.He hadnt seen her.They approached the car. Olivias mind raced. She did not want to get in with them. She tried to slow her walk. Dollinger gave her arm a quick, painful pinch. Keep moving, the big man told her.They reached the back door. Dollinger opened it. She tried to hold her authentic nfl jerseys for sale ground, but his grip was simply too strong. He pushed her into the backseat. Yo, got a dollar? The big man took a quick glance. It was Lawrence. Dollinger started turning away, dismissing the panhandler, but Lawrence grabbed his shoulder. Yo, man, Im hungry. Got a dollar? Buzz off. Lawrence put his hands on the big mans chest. Im just asking for a dollar, man. Let go of me. A dollar. Is that too much to- And that was when Dollinger let go of her arm.Olivia hesitated but not for long. When both of Dollingers hands gripped Lawrence by the front of his shirt, she was ready. She jumped up and started to run. Run, Liv! Lawrence didnt have to tell her twice.Dollinger dropped Lawrence and spun around. Lawrence jumped on the big mans back. Dollinger shrugged him off like dandruff. Then Lawrence did something truly foolish. He hit Dollinger with the brown bag. Olivia could hear the clunk from the beer bottle inside. Dollinger turned around and punched Lawrence in the sternum. Lawrence went down hard.Dollinger shouted, Stop! FBI! I dont think so, big man.Olivia heard the car take off. The tires squealed as Yates peeled out. She glanced behind her.Dollinger was catching up to her. And he had a gun in his hand.Her lead was maybe fifty feet. She ran as hard as she could. This was her neighborhood. Shed have the advantage, right? She cut down a back alley. It was empty- nobody else in sight. Dollinger followed. She risked a look back. He was gaining on her and didnt look the least bit put out.

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