My TDNTs, a birthday present from my wife, who purchased them from one of my old college prof's.
I built these speakers myself almost 30 years ago. (Grills removed)
I replaced the tweeters & woofers once each.
The expensive purple chair I bought from a wholesaler for $50. Who wants a mismatched purple office chair? The blanket over the back was purchased in Cancun for $20Cdn — a very good deal.
NIV Study Bible — the one my wife gave me as a wedding gift; I gave her a blue one like it.
My Sony PS-LX4 Turntable: Quartz-lock, direct drive; purchased at Eatons in Brandon, MB many moons ago.
Portable heater: sometimes it gets cool in here. (Tripp-Lite surge-suppressed power bar in background)
I'll do a separate post on my "kit".
Afghan socks (leather soles)
One of my "to-read" stacks; I'm running out of shelf space
Top shelf: Gospel of John... Schnackenburg, Brown, Barrett, Dodd, Westcott, Davey, Smalley... and others.
I found this Krug Banker's chair in pieces in a scrap heap and resurrected it. When I don't pile junk on it, my wife sits here when she visits my study.
Stuffed polar bear wearing penguin costume. Far Side!
You can't have too much desk space: two old-school oak desks with an add-on over the file cabinets. (4-drawer cabinet out of frame to right.) I removed the middle drawer of one desk and jury-rigged a keyboard drawer: simple but effective. This one would actually have been a secretary's desk, hence the typewriter- drawer; the other one has a file drawer plus a regular drawer instead.
Non-commentary reference & stuff; From Nag Hammadi to Bettenson to Guthrie's NTI & hermenetical tools; Language tools are out of frame to the right.
A few Bibles; Phillips, NIV, NASB, NKJV, KJV, NEB, LB, NET, JB, NRSV, Message, Moffat, etc.; not all of them.
More reference; a keen eye can identify each.
Non Sequitur comic.
Love my commentaries... obviously this is only part of my library.
3 near-random books: ESV Literary Study Bible, de Certeau's The Practice of Everyday Life, and Strategic Intuition by William Duggan
Yamaha Tuner, Arcam ALpha 5 plus amplifier, and an aged Sony TC-K45 Cassette Deck... NLT & ESV Bibles, my Moleskine, and my passport wallet are perched on top beside the little penguin. An Olympus DS-40 voice recorder sits in front.
Normally I have a coffee cup and thermos here or else my (iced) water bottle. Right now there are just coasters and a couple of Altoid tins.
Miscellany: presently Business cards, blank 3x5 cards, software CDs A Kempis, The Imitation of Christ, a Corel Linux Penguin Mascot, a snowman-shaped mug, Common Prayer book.
I seem to get a new briefcase each time I change careers. I have 3, excluding the one I trashed as a student. I'm overdue for another new one.
I built almost all of my bookshelves myself. Can you tell? ;^)
Greek & Hebrew flash cards.
Parables, Synoptics & Acts
CSS, PHP, HTML, Perl, vi, JavaScript reference on top of OED.