Random Acts of Linkage #129

night_passage.jpg A random photo to go with the random linkage: this guy’s hard at work on something. Navigating, probably.

  1. Cursive writing may be fading skill, but so what? So what??? I say pick up a proper fountain pen and figure out “so what.” Schools these days….
  2. What is a responsible church to do in face of H1N1? — recommendations for the Anglican church in dealing with an H1N1 pandemic. And if nothing else, by reading this you can learn what “intinction” means.
  3. The Lost Symbol and The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown’s 20 worst sentences
  4. Nobody enjoyed one day of it — Just like the film, the making of ‘The Godfather’ was an ugly story of fear and dysfunction.
  5. I liked this one from Kingdom Grace… De-Churched and De-ICed II …and you gotta love the term “De-ICed”.

Random Acts of Linkage #128

talklikeapirate.png AARRRRRrrrrrr, an’ a hearty Talk Like A Pirate Day to ye all, me hearties! Aye, you guessed it. Argh, it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day again, mateys!

And on that note, Kester Brewin makes A Plea for Christian Piracy. Or maybe that’s a different note. Either way, it be Saturday, and Avast! It’s Random Linkage day as well!

  1. “The Church is an indoor affair. … Love lives outside.” — Pam Hogeweide, Five Memories, Five Days : Church Gone Wild (Jackie Pullinger and Hong Kong Street Sleepers)
  2. Online Lectionary Resources (via Christine Sine)
  3. The Mosaic Holy Bible looks interesting… per Len Hjalmarson’s post, “It has gorgeous, inspiring artwork from the 3rd to 21st centuries from every continent across the globe. It contains poignant, and thought-provoking writings from the 1st to 21st centuries from every continent, and branch of the Church around the world. Both artwork and writings follow the Church calendar throughout the year starting with Advent.”

Random Acts of Linkage #127

webriggers-sailboat.jpg Sorry I haven’t read more this week, and thus have fewer relevant links to share in this installment. I’ve been busy working on a new venture which isn’t really new, just something that’s been ongoing being branded as a division of my existing thing. I think every third emerging/missional blogger or pastor is paying the bills doing web development. Of the other two, one of them has a friend or brother or daughter or nephew’s mother-in-law’s dog walker who does, but if you’re that third one, I’m ready to talk business.

In the weeks ahead, I’ve got a workshop to prepare for presentation at a Phyllis Tickle conference in October, but for now I do have a few sparse links to share.

Random Acts of Linkage #126

playing-cards.jpg Back after a hiatus while mostly ignoring the Interwebs last week. We resume the randomness with a neat card trick you can learn to amaze your friends and impress your kids.

  1. Fascinating archive Video of Helen Keller and her teacher Anne Sullivan explaining how she learned to communicate.
  2. How does the Internet see you? Ask Personas — much fun to watch it working.
  3. Brad Boydston lists Top 10 reasons the church planting movement in North America is in trouble
  4. You and the Liturgical Year — in which Scot McKnight recommends Living the Christian Year: Time to Inhabit the Story of God: an Introduction and Devotional Guide
  5. Why Brian McLaren is celebrating Ramadan
  6. Gone Forever: What Does It Take to Really Disappear? Evan Ratliff gives it a try… find him within 30 days and win $5,000.

Random Acts of Linkage #125

girl-with-camera.jpg Random photo… or maybe you’re on candid camera. A short-ish list of links this week, but there’s some good stuff to read. I’m going to be a little off the grid for the next week, so these may have to do for a while. Last week and the next two weeks are kind of reserved for doin’ stuff with the family and trying to chill a bit just before the kids start back to school (and maybe recuperating a little once they do), not to mention the summer patio project that’s been falling way behind schedule with lousy weather… and now that fall is looming, I’d better get to work. In fact, I think that’s where I’m off to for the balance of the day.

Enjoy the links and think of me slaving away with a shovel and a stack of patio blocks.

Random Acts of Linkage #124

patio.jpg We open with a celebratory note — Rick Meigs has been in rehab following his serious motorcycle accident, as most will be aware. As of this past Thursday, he’s been sent home to finish recuperating there… two months to the day after the accident. The pace of Rick’s recovery thus far has exceeded all expectations, and is actually remarkable given the severity of the accident. Considering that prayers on his behalf rose up around the world, we may surmise that evidently prayer does change things. Thanks be to God.

And with that duly noted alongside a random photo (selected simply because it looked inviting), we turn to a brief selection of links for the week.

  1. Photography tutorial: photos taken With and Without Flash
  2. Speechless: Dilbert Creator’s Struggle to Regain His Voice. Strange.

Random Acts of Linkage #123

xkcd_win-dialog.jpg Not much today in the humour department, other than a cartoon panel. I’m still carrying on “summer hours” around here, but I do have some random linkage to foist upon the unsuspecting masses. (Both of you, that is.)

I’ve got some commentary mixed in that I didn’t put in the time to extend into full-out rants, so there’s a bit of link-bonus attitude as well. But make sure you get through to the last item.

Here we go…

Random Acts of Linkage #122

31obama_600 The big item of the week is captured in the photo, of course: President Obama displaying as insightful a conciliation tactic as ever President Bartlett might have dreamed up. Good commentary from Cathleen Falsani and a must-read from Erika Haub. Of lesser significance is the brand of beer, I suppose… though one has to appreciate a scenario where there isn’t any consideration of politics when one selects a brew, else I suspect the President might have selected another brand, assuming his good taste. I’m thinking it’s a good news/bad news thing, like: you can be President, but you have to drink Bud Light. Or, there will be beer in Hell, but only Bud Light.

  1. More linguistic contrast and confusion: Is “Missional” Being Misused?
  2. The Seven Indispensable Virtues of a Missional Leader