July Update from Brother Maynard

calendar-diary.jpg I know, it’s overdue. Long overdue. This blog seems to have disintegrated into one of those that has an irregular stream of posts saying, “Sorry I haven’t posted more, but I will soon, I promise.” But I don’t believe in those posts – and maybe I don’t really believe in apologies for not blogging. Sorry to disappoint you. ;^)

Random Acts of Linkage #135

rdeniro-hack.jpg Now how’s that for a nearly-random image? My Random Acts of Linkage posts have been fairly popular over the last 134 installments. Maybe part of that was because it always gave people something to read on Saturday mornings. Over the last many months they’ve dropped off from being every Saturday to being more well, random in their frequency. So here we are with installment #135 of my Random Acts of Linkage, now with added randomness! I just wanted to give people more of what they like. Who says I don’t respond to the demands of my readers?

2009: The Subversive Year in Review

2009.jpg It’s become tradition for me to end the year with a look back at some favorite posts from the preceding year, and the end of 2009 should be no exception. Not only does it allow me to highlight some good content that others may have missed, it lets me reflect on the year just passed to outline some of the pertinent topics of conversation and what may (or may not) have changed over the last twelve months.

Random Acts of Linkage #134

stones.jpg I’m just crawling out from under a rock briefly with some random linkage.

  1. If The Bible Was Magazines
  2. A friend of mine wrote an essay about Gravel Pits and I quite enjoyed it. Except it’s not really about gravel pits, it’s about the downside of being afraid to take risks. Sort of.
  3. I appreciated Bill Kinnon’s take on What we win them with, is what we win them to.
  4. Bono does op-ed for the New York Times: Five Scenes, One Theme: A True if Unlikely Story
  5. Can’t wait for this… a beautiful new multimedia Book of Hours from St. Benedict’s Table
  6. I guess I missed Lesslie Newbigin’s 100th birthday (well, if he was still living), but others didn’t.
  7. That reminds me, I need new glasses.

Random Acts of Linkage #133

starving-balloon.jpg I’ve been remiss with my random linkage the last few weeks, and may nearly be guilty of some form of blog neglect, of “failing to provide the necessities of blog-life” or something. But still. I’ve had a few things percolating and a few links collecting, including a couple of images, the first of which is as seen on BHT. The next one is via Mike Todd and takes a pretty decent stab at putting the whole thing in perspective.

But. We step over this way to the linkage, which includes some nice video selections and a variety of other… material, the seriousness of which may be said to vary somewhat. But there’s some gems in here. Enjoy.

  1. Kingdom Grace has some good notes on Pseudo-leaders. Follow that up with Glenn Hatcher’s note to leaders about Why I can’t follow you any more…

Random Acts of Linkage #132

genesis-rcrumb.jpg The random acts of linkage is serving an additional purpose during my apparently unintentionally-extended-by-on-month blog sabbatical: it assures you I’m still there, somewhere, still reading online (even if a little less), and not entirely neglecting the blog. Just so you know. I’ve got a couple of quirky ones in the list this week… read on.

  1. Yet another edition of the Bible, per the NPR review, R. Crumb’s Awesome, Affecting Take On ‘Genesis’. I have to say, I’m intrigued enough to want to read The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb
  2. Report: Bible Quoting Passenger Causes Delta Plane Diversion — sounds like the guy sounds like he’s not just a Christian, but actually unstable. But with some Christians, you never know.
  3. Time: The Battle for Mother Teresa’s Remains

Random Acts of Linkage #131

gourds.jpg I’m not off my gourd or anything, but it’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and my regular linkage has slipped off its cracker from Saturday to Sunday. What are you going to do, fire me? I’ve still got two days left in my (long) weekend, so there. Still and all, here are some mildly-belated links. I think these might be more random and miscellaneous than usual… but check out #10.

  1. The Google Earth alphabet found in Britain’s hedgerows, roads and buildings
  2. Bill Kinnon posts Stetzer and Fitch Part III – Telling an Alternative Missional Story
  3. Make a Survival Kit out of an Altoids Tin
  4. Religion, the Facebook way: “Listing one’s faith on social network not always simple”

Random Acts of Linkage #130

julie-and-julia.jpg So Friday afternoon my wife and I went to see Julie & Julia with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. I was the only guy in the theatre. Chick flick? Yes, you might draw that conclusion… but I enjoyed it, and I’m man enough to admit it. So there. Guys who can’t relate can sit through the movie thinking about how lovable Amy Adams is, so it’s win-win. Yes, you know what to expect from Streep, but I think Adams is likely on the brink of her Hollywood-hot-property years. If you don’t know the movie, it’s the brilliant Nora Ephron’s adaptation of Julie Powell’s book Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously based on her one-year blogging experiment to cook every recipe in Julia Child’s cookbook, Mastering The Art of French Cooking and blog about it. The experience not only “saved her when she was drowning,” it also transformed her from a secretary and wannabe writer to a blogger to a writer with a book deal and a movie adaptation. And I imagine she can cook, too. Meryl Streep deserves a good mention for her portrayal of an icon that in reality stood 8″ taller than she does… and she plays Julia Child like a live-action caricature.