Five Ways Blogging Has Changed My Life

laptop_pen_writing.jpg I was tagged for a meme by Jim Martin where I need to write about “Five Ways Blogging Has Changed My Life.” This particular meme was started by L.L. Barkat, if anyone needs to know who to blame.

Here are the rules :
1. Write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected you, either positively or negatively.
2. link back to the person who tagged you
3. link back to the parent post
4. tag a few friends or five, or none at all
5. post these rules — or just have fun breaking them

I began this blog with the intent of helping me process what was going on in the church scene with the major changes that were taking place in my life relating to church. It has done that, of course. But what else?

Vignettes from the Life of Brother Maynard

theatre-stage.jpg Even my Wife is Cynical
A friend was telling us about a recent encounter that a mutual acquaintance from our CLB had had — this out of some desire to not let their handling of the coals from the Lakeland fire (or however they put it) fizzle without becoming in some way evangelistic. Our friend thought about a book she picked up about how to stop making God look bad and I characterized it as a drive-by prayer-bombing, but apparently the subject in this case was quite touched and began coming to church. Allowing that God genuinely seems seems used the encounter in this case, I said that I still had a hard time making a pattern of an exception. My wife said that “of course,” this encounter is the one that will be continually touted as a testimonial, ignoring the other “fruitless” encounters (the ones that make God look bad). “Of course,” I replied. “It’s the post-conversion embellishment.” What a phrase, eh? If it resonates, what does that tell you?

Firefox Download Day

Download Day June 17th is Firefox Download Day — the Mozilla team is shooting for a world record for the most software downloads in a 24-hour period. Get involved, and download Firefox 3 — a great browser, for free. Come on, all you IE-users, get free and rediscover the web!

If you’re using Firefox 2, I can recommend Firefox 3 as a worthwhile upgrade — I’ve been running the Beta for a while now. To download, make clicky-click on the fancy graphics…
Download Day - English

Emerging/Missional Computing Taboos: My Kit

New PC I’ve noticed that a lot of emerging church types like to talk about their Macs. Ever notice none of them talk about their PCs unless it’s in an apologetic tone with the notation that they’re misfits or just too old or something… otherwise they would be using a Mac. So I figured I’d break taboo. I am no fan of Windows, and I do not own a Mac. Oh, yes. Purist language coming… those who argue against Microsoft product on moral grounds should really go the whole way and instead of defaulting to Mac, take up the cause of Linux and Free Software. It should be a familiar manifesto… you might say that the GPL, the license under which much of the software is distributed, is simply a legal representation of the phrase, “freely you have received, freely give.” Get it?

Allelon Site Relaunch & Seabeck Video Report Website I’ve been pretty much too busy to read or write for the past …almost two weeks now. As my friend Bill Kinnon mentioned, the project that’s had me snowed under for that period of time has been the redesign of the Allelon website. There are a few bits and pieces yet to come and some small tweaks to be made, but there it is in all its glory! I came into the project at the 11th hour when most of the design was done, but as Bill mentioned it’s been a large amount of work by a small number of people. The new site is much easier to navigate, and I found all sorts of things that I’d never seen on the old site… and that’s without even browsing through all the articles. We updated some site content today, including a new article by Sally Morgenthaler and a video report from Seabeck and our Missional Order conversations this past October. You’ll find me talking in the video… but that’s not the best part of the eleven-and-a-half minutes. Bill spent a lot of time editing today, and he did a great job… he left me asking, “So, when is the next gathering?”
(RSS readers can click through to this post to view the video.)

Wikiklesia: Hyperlinks Subvert Hierarchy

Wikiklesia Cover As I mentioned before, Paul Walker is blogging through the Wikiklesia project (eBook; soon to be in paperback), chapter by chapter. He hit the midpoint yesterday when he interacted with my chapter. I was nervous, but he only said nice things about me. (Oh, and I saw a great cartoon while I was there.)

My friend Bill Kinnon’s chapter was reviewed last week. Paul says that two Wikiklesia authors mentioned The Cluetrain, and I rather strongly suspect Bill of being the other one. I think both of us aspire to be conductors on the Cluetrain. All aboard! Hey, no ticket? Okay, Bub, let me explain how this works…

40 Days of Wikiklesial Purpose

Wikiklesia Book Cover Prolific book-reviewer Paul Walker at Out of the Cocoon is blogging chapter-by-chapter through the recently-released Wikiklesia eBook, Voices of the Virtual World (the print version should be out in a few weeks). 40 authors contributed to the project — see the list below. For the ones whose chapters have been reviewed by Paul already, I’ve added a direct link to his review beside them. As most of the authors are bloggers or maintain some online presence, the project also provides some further exposure to a number of folk who are discussing subjects of resonance online.

Now Published — Get it While it’s Fresh!

Wikiklesia Book Cover The WIkiklesia book project, Voices of the Virtual World: Participative Technology and the Ecclesial Revolution has been released today and is available for download at for $14.95 with all proceeds going to the Not for Sale Campaign. A paperback will be available next month for $19.95. If you can’t afford either, follow the links to request a free download. To get a feel for the project, you can browse the chapter titles and authors, most of which include a bio and an abstract. Contributors include:

  • John la Grou (editor)
  • Len Hjalmarson (editor)
  • Ed Brenegar
  • Kester Brewin
  • Greg Glatz
  • Drew Goodmanson
  • David Hayward
  • Bill Kinnon
  • Brother Maynard (yours truly)
  • Scot McKnight
  • Rick Meigs
  • Andrew Perriman
  • Stephen Shields
  • and many others, over 40 in all.