The Red River Flood of 2009

Things have been tense here in Manitoba for the past week or so… longer, for some. In recent days, the provincial flood forecast has been changing frequently, and almost hourly at times. When people have been sandbagging frantically to build a dike, it can be rather disheartening to hear that the anticipated water level just went up another eight inches, or two feet. The present forecast suggests that the water level will be second only to the legendary “Flood of the Century” in 1997, ranking this flood second over the past hundred years. To make matters worse, the two rivers that meet in downtown Winnipeg are projected to crest at the same time.

Digital Cameras

Duck at Sunrise
I captured this image at 0530 one morning during my week off last week; the spec-like object in the water looked like a duck and it quacked like a duck, in case you’re wondering. I managed to nab several images that I was quite pleased with despite the fact I was using a fairly basic camera for the job — a Canon A300 3.2 MegaPixel point-and-shoot that we’ve had around the office for a couple of years for utilitarian snapshot uses. I used to do a fair bit of photography back when 35mm SLRs were the norm… and I’ve realized I’m thinking back near 20 years here, as it’s been almost that long since a hobby I once gave a lot of time to has sat dormant with my gear collecting dust and gathering “antique” status.