My Week in Review

nonimmunitaecclesias.jpg Update 7-Oct-08: If you’re arriving via the link from Kelly “Beefcake” Hughes’ weekly email update, welcome. And just so you know, cat blogging is *not* the norm around here. Poke around and see for yourself.

The sign in the photo reads “Non gode l’immunita ecclesias,” which means, “Does not enjoy ecclesiastical immunity.” The sign removed a church’s right to offer asylum. The image just struck me though… the phrase “ecclesiastical immunity” hit me in a very different way when I discovered it mid-week with the photo, and I wanted to do something with it but didn’t know what. So which of us is immune, or can do whatever we want by virtue of our position in the church? Sadly, there are those who feel they are entitled, and who act that way even if they wouldn’t come right out and say it in those terms. These are the type who take God’s name in vain, which is what clicked for me at the end of the week.

Conversations & Updates

coffee-conversation.jpg A couple of days ago I mentioned a visit to St. Ben’s and thoughts from John 10. There have been some good bits of conversation around that, including Matt Thomas’ post as well as comments in the thread here. I noted today that Jamie Howison has posted part of his Homily from Sunday evening, including a great metaphor from Dr. Alf Bell about an old sheep. As it turns out, I had coffee with Jamie this afternoon — we made a point of finding an independent coffee house rather than the nearest place with a circular green logo. Both of us lean strongly toward the independent shops rather than the “big chain.” Interestingly, it seems that locally-owned coffee houses actually do better with a few Starbucks around, according to something called The Venti Effect. In addition to discussing a point or two about my continued Anglicanization and several themes around writing, Jamie tipped me off to a forthcoming CD release this weekend — I’m hoping to be able to post a review soon.

Random Acts of Linkage #24

Yesterday evening we took off to the Morden Corn & Apple Festival where we ran into some friends from way back that we haven’t seen in years. Back in the pre-children days, they were part of one of the best small groups we were privileged to lead in the ol’ CLB. He resonated when I used the phrase “ecclesiastical vagrant.” There are so many out there.

And… on with the linkage, noting that I’m dedicating item #11 to my good friend Robbymac.

  1. Former Leader offered a personal post that shows the pain of having relationships cut off after you pass over the church threshold for the last time.
  2. Jason Clark gets personal as well; identification for those who struggle with depression.

Random Acts of Linkage #18

Obviously I’ve been catching up on some reading… this is my longest “Random Acts of Linkage” list so far. I just keep adding throughout the week, so it doesn’t seem like that much as I go along, but… hmmm. Most of them are chronological as I read them, but I bumped up the top item as it’s obviously a more serious matter.

  1. Pam Hogeweide recently lost her father, and last week a tragic accident claimed one of her best friends. Pray for Pam and for the surviving family; the oldest daughter has been staying with Pam’s family.
  2. Do you lifehack? Google it or find it on Technorati, there’s a growing amount of stuff out there. Time Magazine: Hacking Toward Happiness.