Weekly Meanderings & Formula One

On Saturdays I like to link to Scot McKnight’s Weekly Meanderings — in part, it’s a cop-out for posting something more thoughtful, as Saturdays are often days to be spent reading or doing things with the family, be they special activities or routine errands. (Lukas, I hope I’m using the commas correctly ;^) — follow the links to make sense of that.) In part, it’s also because I like to remind myself to sift through Scot’s meanderings and find things of interest… he always seems to manage to ferret out something obscure.


Labour day… took the kids out to the cheap theatre to see Cars. This movie is a serious scream. I thought I wouldn’t be that into it because I’m not a NASCAR guy in the least, but you don’t have to be. A little bit of knowledge of that world improves a lot of the jokes, and knowing Richard Petty’s career will help, too (I guess I knew more than I thought, but see IMDB’s trivia page)… but it’s a gas regardless. The list of voices is quite a who’s who as well, including Michael Schumacher, Richard Petty (and Lynda Petty), Bob Costas, Darrell Waltrip, and Mario Andretti…. not to mention the more easily-recognized voices of Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Tony Shalhoub, Cheech Marin, and George Carlin. Foreign versions include more Michael Schumacher (German), Fernando Alonso (Spanish), and Giancarlo Fisichella (Italian). Great fun, left me wanting to plan a trip driving Route 66. Tractor-tipping… what a scream!