Take This Bread: A Guest Review

communion.jpg Our friend Karla is a part of our small band of ragtag missional outcasts, having come out of the same CLB as we did. We met them there when they hosted a small group that we led some 10 or so years back. A little while ago, I loaned her a book from my review pile, telling her that since I hadn’t read it yet, if she was going to read it before me, she’d have to give me a quick review. In fact, I had a strong suspicion she’d enjoy it, being the Ann Lamott fan that she is. A few days later, she informed me that she didn’t want to ever return the book and was going to start writing notes in it. It’s a “thing”… you see, I’m fairly particular about my books. You know, not bending the covers or dog-earring the pages, marking them up, or using them as drink coasters — normal book-care stuff — so she was taking a shot at me since she evidently has some inexplicably different views on the use and treatment of books. Ownership of the book may remain in dispute, but I’m hoping that possession isn’t necessarily “9/10 of the law.” Either way, fortunately, her review of Sara Miles’ Take This Bread: A Radical Conversion follows.