Ephesians 4: Apparently, He Gave Me to Be…

Turns out I’m an “APTSE.”

To recap, this is in addition to the prior labels:

  • MBTIINTP Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving (scoring very high on intuitive).
  • KTS (Keirsey) — Architect, in the temperament of the rationals.
  • EnneagramType Five, The Investigator with a “Four-Wing” (The Individualist), or “The Iconoclast.” 5w4’s have a more intuitive than strictly rational approach to knowledge.

A Conversation with Frank Viola, Part II

pagan-xnity-banner.jpg Last week’s “Pagan Week” has been held over in view of the extended conversation I’ve been having with Frank Viola, which began yesterday, talking about the book and the reactions to it, both the fair and unfair critiques plus the positive reactions. This all follows my own review of Pagan Christianity: Exploring the Roots of Our Church Practices ran all of last week. If you’re just tuning in you might want to catch up on part one of the interview; if you’ve been following along, you’ll recall that we’re all sitting around a table in your favorite independent local coffee shop, and have just poured coffee refills. As yesterday, Frank and I will converse for a bit an then you’ll get your comments in. Have another biscotti; try the chocolate-covered one, they’re delicious — perfect with coffee.

The Reproductive Environment

group-people-silhouette.jpg BusinessPundit asks What Role Do Peers Play In Entrepreneurship?:

An interesting new research paper examines the role of peer influences on entrepreneurship. Since most entrepreneurs are employed in corporations before they go out on their own, the study examines how peers at those corporations effect perceptions of entrepreneurship and the likelihood of starting a business. It turns out that entrepreneurial attitudes build through feedback loops. The more entrepreneurs that come out of a place, the more likely the other employees are to become socialized to the idea, and to be more keen to market opportunities. This could explain why some businesses spin off many other startups, while others don’t.

On Being Lost

Lost Tracks I’m inspired this morning by Ted Gossard on slowing down. He talks about “the Word of the Lord” (a phrase for you fellow post-charismatics) to most of us being, “whoa” or some variation of “slow down.” Our tendency is to run ahead, set our strategies, and work them relentlessly (though perhaps not tirelessly). Perhaps in the process, even when we’ve not lost our way completely, when we’re just a bit disoriented, we still tend to plod along without further evaluation. Transparently, Ted writes,

I feel lost even as I’m typing this post. It’s almost automatic of me that I’m ahead of the Lord, and therefore not really myself, as God would have myself to be and as he is remaking me in Jesus.

So it’s a Conspiracy!

New Conspirators 08 Christine Sine put me onto an upcoming conference in Seattle at the end of February. It does look interesting; there are a lot of emerging conferences around, but this one seems to be attempting to engage missional, emerging, monastic & multicultural “streams,” or should we say “conversations”? That’s the gist of what they’re attempting to do anyway, and the list of participants includes a healthy cross-section of emergent and missional and others who are seeking to reimagine church, recover lost practices, redefine spiritual formation, or engage culture. Lots of good stuff attempting to change the face of our faith expressions for the better, and they make an interesting intersection when they’re brought together. I’m not likely to be able to attend, but after my brief overview, I like the shape of the discussion.

I Was Going to Say…

audio-mixer-mute.jpg This might look a bit like an early edition of my weekly links post, but that’s not what I was going to say. I’ve had many thoughts swirling lately, and have noticed some recurring themes in the blogosphere that I wanted to weigh in on, but I’ve just been busy with other matters. *sigh.* Anyway, I was going to offer thoughts of mustered profundity on many issues…. which have been touched on in several posts I”ve been keeping open in my browser thinking (naievely) that I would get to them. I’ve read some or most of these, but not all… and I’ve lost track of a few related posts on these recurring subjects.

Food, Table, Hospitality, & Leadership:
Mark Van Steenwyk on table fellowship: Around the Table (I)
Paul Fromont: Insights on Leadership (& Vision); and “How Wine, Whiskey and Great Food Saved my Soul: Finding Spiritual Fingerprints in the gathering of People around a Table”
Rick Meigs Pondering Leadership

Missional Order: Coffeeshop Poets

Crumpled Note:  One Moment There’s one thing from the Seabeck gathering which impacted me quite deeply, but about which I’ve really said nothing so far… the language of revolution. Much of this comes from a brief talk that Al Roxburgh gave on Wednesday morning, but for those who weren’t there, it also features in an article on the Allelon site (Page 3 in particular. It was also part of the subject matter for a walk around the mall with Papa Al and Brother Maynard. (Sara Jane dubbed it, Paparazzi Bill publicized it.) If this post is of interest, I recommend chasing down some of the longer explanations and discussions in the links I’ve provided. In the nature of the zen story which is told and retold orally in part because it is then shaped by the experience and understanding of the storyteller, here, mostly in my own retelling, is what I got, which I relate under the question with which Al opened his brief address at Seabeck: “How do cultures change?”

Would that All God’s People…

people-compass.jpg One day as we were dwelling in Luke 10 at the Seabeck gathering, I stopped on the “70” — or as some manuscripts report, “72.” One explanation of this textual error is that a scribe somewhere along the line “corrected” it to read 72 instead of 70 because it was associated with Numbers 11, which also features a group of 70, from which two were missing — or not.

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Gather before me seventy men who are recognized as elders and leaders of Israel. Bring them to the Tabernacle to stand there with you. I will come down and talk to you there. I will take some of the Spirit that is upon you, and I will put the Spirit upon them also. They will bear the burden of the people along with you, so you will not have to carry it alone.