A Question of EMasculinity

Male The subject recently came up on a mailing list I follow, and then a related item popped up in my feed reader from an unrelated source a couple of days later.

First it was an article on men and church which suggested that men were leaving church, or churches other than Orthodox churches. It proceeds to speculate why by generalizing about what men like and how the Orthodox church provides it like nobody else. The article quotes Leon Podles in The Church Impotent: The Feminization of Christianity and explains,

Children as Exiles

Parent & Child on Sign This morning I was greeted with a comment from Hamo on an old post about kids and communion (July ’05), and it reminded me that he had two good posts on the old “But What About Your Kids?!!” theme. Really good stuff, though I’m not sure that most young kids are quite ready for Alan Hirsch as he implies… maybe if he used more pictures in his books. Hmmm… The Forgotten Ways for Kids. You know, oddly enough, there might be something there.

The question of caring for the kids in your emerging/missional exiled lifestyle is a recurring theme, and one that I thought simply bore mentioning again. I don’t have any silver-bullet answers — I’ve come to believe there aren’t any. But there’s a lot of observation and discussion to be had, and learned from. Around here, this includes several old posts. I searched for “kids” on my blog and discovered I talk about them a lot more than I thought… but here are the posts I thought I was searching for:

Happy Pancake Day!

Today is Shrove Tuesday, replete with childhood dreams of the pancake turtle, pictured here. As I describe this every year,

It is a very little-known fact, but each year on Shrove Tuesday, the Pancake Turtle travels the world with a huge stack of steaming hot pancakes perched on his back. As he travels the world on this special day, he delivers his stack of pancakes to good little boys and girls everywhere as they prepare themselves for Lent.

I know this ancient tradition may nevertheless be new to some of you, and you may even suspect that rather than having any basis in fact, it is merely something that a group of us made up one night in the 80’s after drinking way too much cinamon coffee in Winnipeg’s old Blue Note Cafe on Main Street, the haunt of such notables as Neil Young and the The Crash Test Dummies… guys who hung around or played The Blue Note before anyone had heard of The Squires or Bad Brad Roberts and the St. James Rhythm Pigs.

Children’s Ministry in the Emerging Church

Somehow I missed Alan Hartung talking about Children’s Ministry in the Emerging Church last month in response to his own question. Oddly enough, I’ve had a couple of recent about this lately as well… how the emerging church doesn’t talk about kids all that much, with just a few exceptions. Sometimes it seems to me that I talk about it more than most, and I would say I don’t talk about kids all that much. Alan’s post has a few comments with links to an item or two worth looking at, but Ivy Beckwith and Margie Hillenbrand should probably be added to the list.