Children as Exiles

Parent & Child on Sign This morning I was greeted with a comment from Hamo on an old post about kids and communion (July ’05), and it reminded me that he had two good posts on the old “But What About Your Kids?!!” theme. Really good stuff, though I’m not sure that most young kids are quite ready for Alan Hirsch as he implies… maybe if he used more pictures in his books. Hmmm… The Forgotten Ways for Kids. You know, oddly enough, there might be something there.

The question of caring for the kids in your emerging/missional exiled lifestyle is a recurring theme, and one that I thought simply bore mentioning again. I don’t have any silver-bullet answers — I’ve come to believe there aren’t any. But there’s a lot of observation and discussion to be had, and learned from. Around here, this includes several old posts. I searched for “kids” on my blog and discovered I talk about them a lot more than I thought… but here are the posts I thought I was searching for:

Considering Community: Comunitas & Ubuntu

Candle(s) Burning Together Some disjointed thoughts on community, beginning with two important words and a phrase… all of which express something of what it means to be part of a community. Think of these as “background vignettes” that can inform and shape our thoughts on and understanding of community.


Communitas is an intense community spirit, the feeling of great social equality, solidarity, and togetherness. Communitas is characteristic of people experiencing liminality together. This term is used to distinguish the modality of social relationship from an area of common living. There is more than one distinction between structure and communitas. The most familiar being the difference of secular and sacred. Every social position has something sacred about it. This sacred component is acquired during rites of passages, through the changing of positions. Part of this sacredness is achieved through the transient humility learned in these phases, this allows people to reach a higher position.

Random Acts of Linkage #23

Everybody’s doing this personality thing, so…

I came back INTP again, which is no surprise because I’m not exactly a “borderline” INTP, as you can see from the graph. Add linguistic/logical to the mix… note that the “linguistic” level isn’t exactly marginal either, and take away some understanding of why I’ve gotten so deep into the definition of “missional” as of late! Some of the profiles are pretty good. The career matches aren’t bad — most of them look good to me, and I’ve actually done several of them. Other INTPs include 5 US presidents, Einstein, Pascal, Socrates, Descartes, and Jung himself. Oh, and Bob Newhart. Fictionally, they include all the weird but near-perfect Star Trek characters: Spock, Data, and Seven of Nine. Hhmmm.

Random Acts of Linkage #17

Happy 7/7/7! (Also, this post appears at 0707.) You’ll rightly infer from the following that I’m scanning a lot of feeds these days… I’m getting 300-500 new posts popping up daily: 30 of those would be Lifehacker alone though. I don’t know how Scoble does it.

  1. Trevin Wax On Reading Widely
  2. Jordon Cooper marked Six Years of Blogging this week — congrats!
  3. I credit the “Former Leader” with the nicest thing anybody said about me all week.
  4. I followed another link from that last one and thought about my CLB as I completed the “Super Apostle Detector” quiz. I gave a lot of “no” answers, but it still reported “Off the scale! Super Apostle mind control methods detected. You are in a Super Apostle church. Strongly recommend you read all Super Apostle articles on this site. Leaving is your best option.” I already left though. But speaking of spiritual abuse

Random Acts of Linkage #15

Saturday morning, and I find myself in a rare spot for a Saturday: I’ve got the day to myself. I’m listening to Stuart McLean on CBC, and if you’ve not discovered it yet, find a time and stream to listen online. You’ll be glad you did. This post purports to be my weekly links post — and it is — but I’m going to mix in some personal update bits. It’s my blog, I don’t need to ask permission. ;^)

Random Acts of Linkage #10

Making footprints on the web… these are some of the places I’ve been in the last week or two, in no particular order.

  1. Where The Hell Is Matt? This one is great… a guy who can’t dance, dancing his way around the world, with video evidence on YouTube. And when he gets home from his trip, a very cool chewing-gum company with a very creative website says to him, “Would you like to do it all over again, only we’ll pay for it this time? You know, for publicity? The Internet is a very fun place.
  2. And if that isn’t fun enough, what would you like to say to those godless pagans who don’t get raptured when you depart to the skies? At least now you have a way to say it, via USA Today: Atheist offers to send letters post-Rapture using what he calls The Post-Rapture Post. And if he does really well and gets himself three staff members, maybe they really can be the four postmen of the apocalypse.

Formerly Known As… (continued)

The Meme Continues: The people formerly known as The Workers are getting ready to lay down their tools. Well, whose kingdom were they building, anyway? If our weapons are not of this world, neither are our tools. Maybe we took our spiritual weapons and beat them into spiritual plowshares? There’s some kind of metaphor and another post in there somewhere. If you need context for the whole “formerly known” meme, you’ll want to refer to my earlier summary post, The Dream of the Former, which includes links to all the others.

This most recent straggler reminds me again how much the whole “formerly known” conversation is all about detox. No wonder people who aren’t participating in it don’t understand it… and there doesn’t seem to be much middle ground. BTW, we’re still waiting for someone to write, TPFKA-The-Pastor’s-Kid.

The Dream of the Former

Foreword: This post is offered as a sequel to Bill Kinnon’s The People formerly known as The Congregation, which I believe has genuinely caught the wind of the Spirit, evidenced by all the conversation which it has sparked. This post is my proposal for a “capstone” to the conversation, a way of summarizing and expressing what’s going on in the conversation, and where I believe it is going. My hope is that it will frame the conversation and point to a healthy direction for its continuation. At this moment, I believe I can say that there is talk of a project to gather it up for presentation as a distinct corpus… and I would hope to see it continue in that fashion.