Happy Birthday to the Universe

On this day in 4977 B.C. the universe was created, according to German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler, considered a founder of modern science. Kepler’s 17th-century estimate was later estimated by scientists in the 20th century to be off by about 13.7 billion years. So, remember my timeline project? I kept finding online resources dating creation at 4004 BC, until I found BibleDiagrams.com, which has an extensive set of charts — very well done.

A Missional Reaction to Social Reengineering

The upshot of the church’s focus on developing relationships with new members is that “the socialization process was so effective that most churches could cut people off from their previous relationships within two years, replacing the old ties with a new ‘family.'”

“The missional church, as you might guess, has an allergic reaction to the reach-and-assimilate social reengineering of people.”

— Reggie McNeal, Missional Renaissance, p.59

On the People of God

The biblical record often observes that when the people of God mistakenly think they are God’s only or primary concern, they become callous to the very people God is wooing. This attitude reflects poorly on God and earns his judgment. Jesus’ beef with the Pharisees focused precisely on their failure on this point. They misrepresented his Father while claiming to be his representatives on earth. The church that claims to be the people of God must submit itself to the role of participating in the mission of God in the world. The very notion that the church can be successful apart from an improved world reflects a disconnect from God’s mission and even raises the question of whether or not people who think this way are even recognized by God as his people.
— Reggie McNeal,
Missional Renaissance, p.37

116 Hand-written Apologies Required

Can’t think of enough derisive adjectives for the latest Fox News “Feature” in which an inane panel derides Canada’s military, displaying an alarming thin grasp of the realm of fact generally, not just with respect to Canada. Fox doesn’t have or deserve a lot of respect, but the low here is astounding. Obnoxious doesn’t begin to cover it… a news channel that airs a moronic commentary like this with an imbecile saying he didn’t realize Canada was even in the war in Afghanistan. And this on a day when four Canadian soldiers died in Afghanistan, bringing our total to 116.

Changing the Scorecard

[T]he old church scorecard of how many, how often, how much–all bottom-line measures that are calculated in terms of church activity–is counterproductive to participating in the missional renaissance. The old scorecard keeps us church-absorbed. As long as we use it, we will continue to be inward-focused, program-driven, and church-based in our thinking and leadership.
Reggie McNeal

What Does That Mean?

Just spent an hour on Skype with Robbymac. Looks like he has a bit more gray in his beard than I recall, whatever that means. He says he’s been too busy to blog because he’s doing “important things” — whatever that means. (Just kidding!) It’s warmer where he is. He also said of my new blog design that I’ve gone from college professor to beatnik. Whatever that means. Maybe the new design will give me more blogging energy, but it seems there are others as well who are losing steam, tiring of the “same old” conversation. Whatever that means.