50 Ecumenical Blogs

The Biblical Learning Blog Has complied a list of the Top 50 Ecumenical Blogs, and for some reason they stuck me on it in the “Emergence Outreach” category. My crony Bill Kinnon, who slotted in under the “Reaching Out” category. Meanwhile, I’m reading Sarah Bessey’s excellent post In which [she has] discovered that [she doesn’t] care about the emerging church anymore and wondering if they might take away the latest designation for my wall if I’m not as emerging as I once was.

Us and the Early Church: A Question

So it’s been (rightly) pointed out a few times in the last year or so that we shouldn’t be so quick to want to “get back to the early church” because they were immature and had their share of problems just like we do — after all, nobody’s perfect. The thing is, I can’t recall anyone actually saying we need to “get back” and do everything like the early church did, at least not in the past ten years. So is this response levied too broadly against at who wants to consider one or two practices of the early church, or are people actually saying we need to behave like they did and I’ve been missing it? Isn’t there a lot of positive lessons to be learned from the early church’s practice?

Memorizeth thy Scripture

An odd thing around the dinner table this evening. We got onto the subject of the 23rd Psalm, and we began to quote it from memory — my wife, my kids, and I. Can you believe they all began to laugh at me when I started using words like “restoreth” and “yea” and “thy”? I can’t help it if I learned the Psalm that long ago, can I? Can anyone else relate?

Harvest Moon

We’ve been having rotten weather all summer…. far too cool for the season. Many days feel a lot more like September or October than July or August. The icing on the cake was the beautiful full moon last night… a perfectly orange harvest moon, in fact. *sigh*


I suppose it almost goes without saying that I’ve been distracted by Rick Meigs’ accident, watching for updates and praying. Rick is a good friend and an important man in the missional conversation — I hope you’ll watch for updates at the previous link and pray with us for him.

I am glad that I had written the post to start my new Sunday series earlier or I probably wouldn’t have gotten to it. Perhaps I can highlight that one now for a little discussion?


Just listening to the radio and heard someone on the panel use the phrase “Evangelical Christianism.” “That’s interesting,” I thought. “Christianism” — as opposed to Christianity. Maybe he’s got something, even if it’s unintentional… is there a group of people more committed to Christianity than they are to Christ? I’d have to say yes.