Thank You!

Thank-You Card If you’re reading this page, it’s because you’ve been redirected here after making a “soup donation.” (If you got here by mistake somehow, well, thanks for visiting, but…) This is a simple thank-you page — there isn’t really a way to make it ornate enough to express the extent of our thanks, but nonetheless, it’s here to say

Thank You

for your donation. Your appreciation for the site and support of us and our efforts to make a living in this way are more meaningful to us even than the dollars which represent them. We pray for you (from Matthew 6) that our Father will reward the actions of your heart for this gift in secret, and we extend to you and to your house a blessing of shalom.

Gratia vobis et pax.

A bit of trivia for our friends: the image of the thank-you card above is actually from a set we had specially printed for our wedding in 1989, and to see who’s actually saying “thanks” today, here’s a confidentially rare image I assembled of all of us in September 2007 at the ruins of a Trappist monastery near our home.