What Others Are Saying about Me

I started taking notice of what people said about my writing here on this blog… which led to a bit of a collection.

  • Dwight Friesen says, “He’s a really good missional thinker and has an amazing grasp of the Winnipeg scene.”
  • Randy McRoberts says, “This guy is a hero to me, if for no other reason than his dictum: Live Your Faith. Share Your Life. But there is a lot more, too.” … “Sheer genius.”
  • Glenn Jordan says, “Brother Maynard is a considerate and gentle voice worth paying attention to.”
  • No less than AKMA even chimed in with the descriptor, “a useful counterexample of web-based communication.” He said I was “writing in a dialect of English that non-marketers can easily apprehend” and that I was “infinitely more readable” than Congregational and Diocesan Development Issues. I thought that was a lot of accolades already, but then he said, “If I wanted advice about sizing up a congregation, I’d turn to Brother Maynard in a heartbeat.”
  • Phil Wyman says, “So here’s to Brother Maynard. Whoever the heck Brother Maynard is – God bless you Brother Maynard. I am picturing you wearing monk robes.”
  • On the other hand, Bill Kinnon says, “Brother Maynard Weirds Me Out.”
  • Robbymac says, “Bro Maynard continues to find a knack for putting things into perspective with clear, concise, and gracious wording.” Then again, he also says, “[A]pparently Brother Maynard turns into a pumpkin or some other form of vegetable matter after 10:00.” Best take it all with a grain of salt.
  • John, A Shepherd, says, “Brother Maynard’s Subversive Influence is always good for a mental, and sometimes, spiritual, shakeup. I don’t see how this man generates the volume of material he produces. When I grow up and become a real blogger I want to be like him!”
  • A Former Leader” says, “There are people in this blogging world that seem to have their fingers in everyone’s pie. They can link you to all kinds of worlds outside the few you can find. I think the book Tipping Point calls them Mavens. Brother Maynard has been key to this. His balance and bringing people together for a discussion has been invaluable to read. It is far more eclectic than the personal blogs but that is what makes him valuable.”
  • Scot McKnight said, “One of the more intelligent, brief, and crisp discussions of what is going on in things “emerging” and “emergent” has been written up by Brother Maynard.” Later, he says, “Brother Maynard… has pondered changes in the emerging movement thoughtfully and insightfully.”
  • Barb, “A Former Leader”, says, “You should warn people. WE should warn people…: Beware all who land on this site. This site may enable you to see truth for the first time. Seeing truth may be just what you are looking for but you need to be careful. Once you have tasted truth you will never be able to stomach lies. You are on dangerous ground if you ever want to fit into the established system. …Only enter at your own risk.”
  • “Brother Maynard is a funny guy,” says Bob Hyatt
  • Frank Viola says “firmly in touch with what’s going on all across the Christian landscape, including the various cutting-edge streams of Christianity today. …[doesn’t] dismiss or ignore any of them. …show[s] keen discernment to know where the Spirit is speaking and what He’s saying to the church. …quite rare in the blogosphere today.”
  • Summing up 2008 in missional blogging, David Fitch kindly said, “BroMay is one the best of the bloggers on the Mission. ….His blog is a must read throughout the year for me.”
  • TheGeoffRe(y)port even called one of my posts “beautifully written and well considered” …though I might warn that I can’t be expected to perform like this on every post!
  • Cynthia Clack says, “I have been following Brother Maynard for a long time. His posts have given validation to this spiritual journey that I have traveled for five years or so.”
  • Jonathan Stegall wrote, “Brother Maynard… writes some of what I consider to be the best thoughts out there on the missional church. I greatly value his words.”