donald-trump On Facebook and in general conversation, I tend toward being cavalier and take a somewhat mocking tone about Trump’s popularity in the GOP primaries. “Dear America, you may see this as a primary campaign but the rest of the world sees it as an IQ test, and it isn’t looking good.” There’s so much there to find abhorrent that you’re left with a very small variety of optional responses once you’ve fought off the deer-in-the-headlights impulse. Maybe the most common ones are laughter and despair. Or fear. It has, of course, been pointed out that it’s cheaper to vote than it is to move to Canada, so I’d urge any American to vote responsibly. (Note on photo selection: a quick image search confirmed what I already suspected: there are no flattering photographs of Donald Trump.)

Sadly, Trump’s popularity illustrates that too many people are voting irresponsibly out of fearmongering — or that perhaps too few people can be trusted with the vote. Fearmongering is not “on” here in Canada — it put the final nails in Harper’s campaign last year to ushered in our current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. We understand you like him pretty well in America as well, which makes it hard for us to understand why it’s working so well for Donald Drumpf. We realize it isn’t all of you, but it’s enough of you to be seriously alarming, especially given it seems to be the same group of you who carry guns and are easily incited to violence at a rally. This whole thing looks bad on all of you — except maybe Bernie, whose Twitter exchange with Drumpf is entertaining.

Trump: Bernie is lying if he says he doesn’t send his supporters to my rallies. Be careful or I’ll send my supporters to your rallies.

Bernie: Send them! They deserve to hear an honest politician.

Uhhm, seriously, Donald?

During the campaign, Donald Trump has lied, has said he was making campaign promises just to get a reaction and didn’t plan to keep them, has encouraged violence at his rallies, advocated war crimes, incited racial tension, taken a full day to decide to half-heartedly denounce the KKK, and explained that once he is president, the military will do all of his bidding, even the illegal orders, because he’s the president. And if you’re a protestor debating violence on Trump’s behalf, don’t worry — he’ll cover your legal fees.

Uhhm, seriously, America?

How can you not have arrested him for hate speech yet? How can the Republican Party not have completely disavowed everything he’s said and the vast majority of what he stands for? This is not sane and reasonable. Is there no mechanism within the party to remove him? In Canada, every campaign seems to include an instance or two of a candidate saying something (past or present) that ends his campaign — if he doesn’t resign, his candidacy is revoked by the party. It’s not that he isn’t entitled to express his views (we know you love your first amendment), it’s that some views are deemed unacceptable for a political leader. These are recognized as such, and the consequences are easily predictable. This is true of elections at pretty much any level in Canada — not so for yours, apparently.


And how can his opponents consider supporting Trump if he gets the nomination? The only acceptable answer is, “No, I will not support Trump if he gets the nomination: in that scenario, I would withdraw my membership in the Republican Party.” No other response is okay here… this response essentially says, “Well, if the rest of the party wants me to support hate, fear, war crime, and violence, well, I guess that’s okay with me.” WTF, America?

And then there’s the “Christian Right”, which is making me sick. Now we’ve got Rick Joyner saying from his “prophetic perspective” that Trump is just like Jesus. (What, they both think they’re God?) He speaks admiringly of Trump, saying that his trajectory right now is not only to win the nomination, but also the presidency. He then goes on to criticize “naive” Obama as though he doesn’t realize that the “Thanks, Obama” meme is over now. He then goes on to talk like a political pundit intent on sowing fear of terrorist computer hacker attacks on the American economic system and power grid. Because fear sells, people.

My daughter asked me the other day, if Trump actually won the presidency (which none of us thinks possible, and yet…), how bad could it actually get? So I started thinking through the scenarios. The military won’t obey some of his orders, so would it end with a military coup? Not likely. The most likely scenario, I hope, boils down to how long it takes before Trump’s actions become impeachable, and his running-mate ultimately becomes president. This could only be an improvement, but bear in mind that it would still be Trump’s sidekick, someone who supports him and his platform — at least publicly. Still has to be better, right?

We’ll be travelling in the USA this summer, while we still can. By this time next year, I suppose it’s plausible that either the border will be closed or I’ll be too afraid to cross it. Perhaps I’m resorting to being glib again. Perhaps not.

I did get to thinking whether this could trigger the end of a two-party system in the USA, or at least the end of the Republican Party. Surely if Trump continues, one of those outcomes must be inevitable. One would hope — it would at least indicate that democracy still has a leg to stand on.

I can’t believe it’s taken this long for people to get around to asking whether Donald Trump has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, although Rick Joyner has said that Trump was the most humble of the candidates. There’s the Christian Right again for you, spewing the love because Jesus was a Republican and Trump is the most extreme Republican we can find. Seriously, people. The man is not simply (and utterly) distasteful, he is dangerous. You might well ask, “Could America Elect a Mentally Ill President?” The answer, of course, is yes. And of all mental illnesses, narcissism may be the most easily electable, but I would have thought the culprit would need to hide it better than Trump does. Diagnosable Type-II disorder or not, the man is unacceptable as a world leader, and we beg of you to recognize this and remove him from the race before you lose any further credibility on the world stage. We’re all watching with horror.

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