evangecube-its-missional.jpg Okay, so it’s not shampoo, but I wanted to point this out and then forgot about it when I was posting yesterday’s update. Maybe it’s a mental block because I also celebrated my birthday during my recent blog convalescence (or whatever that was). And one of my gifts was an EvangeCube.

No, really.

It was. And when you stop laughing, I’ll have to tell you that I was… well, speechless. Doesn’t happen a lot, but there it was, me with nothing to say. Totally dumbfounded. Had it been intended as a gag gift, I’d have known better how to react. Alas…

ecube Anyway, there was a url printed on the cube: www.e3resources.org, and I had to look. (You would have too, believe me.) And I discovered, right there in the website banner across the top: “Your Missional Church Resources” . What was I worried about? It’s missional, after all. And not only that, it says this is “where every purchase advances missions around the world.” Makes me want to line up and spend away!


But now if I ever need a greeting card with an encoded “Gospel message,” I’ll know where to go. These people are “The Supply Line to the Front Line”. Though somehow I’ve just never been really into that conk-them-over-the-head kind of missional. Because I always figured it simply wasn’t. But it kinda brings back to mind the whole crusade about trying to get people to use the word properly. Maybe that’s what wore me out, because it evidently isn’t working too well.

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