Blues Brothers:  On the Missio Dei. This is a summary of some of the posts I’ve written over the past couple of years defining missional. Most notable among these are two series that I did on the subject. The first was my exploration of the topic, and the second was a summary of the posts contributed in a synchroblog on the question. I’ve marked a couple of the notable posts with an asterisk.

Defining Missional Series (August-September 2007)
The Dangers of Missionalism & The Dangers of Language
Aloha, Missional
*Missional Essentials: A Short List
*Understanding Missional: Personalizing the Central Tenets
Missional Definitions: A Brief Survey
Missional Interlude, with Post-Christendom Considerations
Missio(nal) Dei?
Missional Reading, Pre-Missional
Coming Up… (Summary; overuse of “missional”)
The Keys to the Missional Kingdom (Kingdom of God)
The Mission of Missional
Missional Theory: Cultural Relativity vs. Ethical Relativity (Contextualization)
Interpreting Christ (incarnation)
Missional as the Defragmentation of Missions

Later Posts Defining Missional
Missional Is & Missional Ain’t (April 2008)
Missional Soup (June 2008 SyncroBlog Contribution)

July 2008 — SynchroBlog Summary Series
50 Ways to Define ‘Missional’ – I
50 Ways to Define ‘Missional’ – II
50 Ways to Define ‘Missional’ – III
50 Ways to Define ‘Missional’ – IV
50 Ways to Define ‘Missional’ – V
50 Ways to Define ‘Missional’ – VI
50 Ways to Define ‘Missional’ – VII
50 Ways to Define ‘Missional’ – VIII
*50 Ways to Define ‘Missional’ – IX

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