stones.jpg I’m just crawling out from under a rock briefly with some random linkage.

  1. If The Bible Was Magazines
  2. A friend of mine wrote an essay about Gravel Pits and I quite enjoyed it. Except it’s not really about gravel pits, it’s about the downside of being afraid to take risks. Sort of.
  3. I appreciated Bill Kinnon’s take on What we win them with, is what we win them to.
  4. Bono does op-ed for the New York Times: Five Scenes, One Theme: A True if Unlikely Story
  5. Can’t wait for this… a beautiful new multimedia Book of Hours from St. Benedict’s Table
  6. I guess I missed Lesslie Newbigin’s 100th birthday (well, if he was still living), but others didn’t.
  7. That reminds me, I need new glasses.
  8. Obama’s Nobel Remarks with reflections from Valerie Elverton Dixon on “Just Peace Theory” as well as thoughts from Jim Wallis and Brian McLaren
  9. Jordon Cooper: Missional Challenges
  10. More Bill Kinnon: Missional Mobilization – Where Will the Leaders Come From? Seminaries? (He doesn’t think so.)
  11. Advent Conspiracy
  12. David Fitch: IMAGES THAT HELP US THINK ABOUT THE NEW SITUATION WE ARE IN #1: The Image of “THE OTHER” and Post Christendom Evangelism
  13. The Multiplication of Bibles and the Decrease of Bible Knowledge
  14. Julie Clawson is Contemplating Feminine Incarnation: what if Jesus had been born a girl?
  15. 15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee
  16. Karl Barth Meets the Emerging Church
  17. Ed Stetzer writes about J. Lee Grady’s call for “A Holy Ghost Housecleaning” — and everyone said, “Amen.” And by the way, they all need to read Rob McAlpine’s excellent book, Post-charismatic?. And maybe look up “A Statement On Prosperity Teaching” from the Lausanne Theology Working Group.
  18. Scot McKnight’s Books of the Year 2009

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