tarsandschristmas A few things crossed my path this week, in the wake of Copenhagen perhaps, where I was embarrassed by the title of “Colossal Fossil” that was bestowed upon my country. And then a friend of mine said he “got grumpy” and made up his own Christmas greeting card, which I thought was worth sharing.

Then there was this video about climate change, “The Big Ask”.

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According to the video, it’s not all that complicated, but still on MSNBC this week there was this yahoo claiming that global warming was not man-made and was not a serious problem on which we need to act.

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In the face of the interviewer’s assertion that no serious scientist agreed with him, he said there were some scientists but failed to name any. His logic fell apart left and right from there, but still he stuck to his guns. It’s embarrassing how the religious right has hopped the conspiracy train to deny that anything ought to be done about it. Yet according to a video I found on 350 or Bust (which another friend recommended the other day), there are at least 350 verses in the Bible about God’s love for creation — which we might consider an apologetic for taking care of our environment.

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