starving-balloon.jpg I’ve been remiss with my random linkage the last few weeks, and may nearly be guilty of some form of blog neglect, of “failing to provide the necessities of blog-life” or something. But still. I’ve had a few things percolating and a few links collecting, including a couple of images, the first of which is as seen on BHT. The next one is via Mike Todd and takes a pretty decent stab at putting the whole thing in perspective.

But. We step over this way to the linkage, which includes some nice video selections and a variety of other… material, the seriousness of which may be said to vary somewhat. But there’s some gems in here. Enjoy.

  1. Kingdom Grace has some good notes on Pseudo-leaders. Follow that up with Glenn Hatcher’s note to leaders about Why I can’t follow you any more…
  2. Bill Kinnon goes link-heavy about Moving the Missional Conversation Forward…in Canada
  3. Wolfgang Simpson’s new book (free download) says the church is “moving from church to Kingdom as our legal base; moving from pastoral, teacher-based & evangelistic to apostolic and prophetic foundations; and departing from a market-shaped behaviour to a kingdom-shaped economy.”
  4. Getting started early on the end-of-year, end-of-decade predictions, TSK says that in the next decade, the Church Will Revisit the 1930’s.
  5. Newsflash: Internet Use Doesn’t Lead to Isolation — but I think us Netizens have been saying that for a while already.
  6. Missional/Attractional, summed up
  7. Why Dogs Don’t Like Halloween
  8. Best Christian T-Shirt Like, Ever?
  9. The Urban Saint: The Harry Lehotsky Story
  10. Church Leader Look Alikes (some of these are a little disconcerting)
  11. Now, for those who are needing a bit of assistance in appropriate worship techniques for Pentecostal and charismatic meetings, you may find this helpful:
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  12. What the Church Can Learn from Sesame Street (via)
  13. German Architect Asks: Why Build High Rises When We Can Build Mountains? Yes, a literal mountain proposed for the site of Berlin’s Tempelhof airport. “architect Jakob Tigges’ 1,000 meter-high structure would be the largest artificial mountain in the world.” (Yes, that’s much taller than all the artificial mountains I’m familiar with.)
  14. Jonny Baker points out a series on ways into small missional communities: starting out in company // what's the big idea // beginning to live a simple pattern // finding the spirit of the community // being shaped by our setting // small is good // eating drinking together // finding a name
  15. Spreeder — an online speed-reading training tool. Cool. Gleaned from AoM’s How to Speed Read Like Theodore Roosevelt
  16. And also from AoM, How to Escape a Sinking Car
  17. That’s some restaurant tab! (how the other half lives)
  18. Seth Godin: Upside vs. downside — I wonder, is this basically how the gospel morphed in many circles from being primarily positive (eternal life) to being negative (avoid hell at all costs)? Well, I’m sure it’s what keeps a lot of churches locked in overconservatism.
  19. In honour of Sesame Street’s 40th, here’s Feist:
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  20. And 20 years ago this week, the Berlin Wall fell, dealing a death blow to Communism.
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  21. I quite enjoyed Andrew Jones’ Reformation Day post: Why I’m Not A New Calvinist, By One Guy Who Should Be. Can anyone else resonate?
  22. Lastly, a linkless entry: this one’s about the ongoing debate about whether or not “virtual” church is “valid” or “real” or whatever. Let me say this: yes, I actually meant to use quotation marks in the previous sentence. And I think both sides of the debate are missing a very fundamental point… but this is something about which I really must write a full post rather than just tossing out some random links to various parts of the debate, none of which in my view gets down to considering a critical point that may be at the heart of the matter. But that’s just a teaser. Naughty me.

And on that note, I’m going to quit here and go and try to get some writing done.

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