genesis-rcrumb.jpg The random acts of linkage is serving an additional purpose during my apparently unintentionally-extended-by-on-month blog sabbatical: it assures you I’m still there, somewhere, still reading online (even if a little less), and not entirely neglecting the blog. Just so you know. I’ve got a couple of quirky ones in the list this week… read on.

  1. Yet another edition of the Bible, per the NPR review, R. Crumb’s Awesome, Affecting Take On ‘Genesis’. I have to say, I’m intrigued enough to want to read The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb
  2. Report: Bible Quoting Passenger Causes Delta Plane Diversion — sounds like the guy sounds like he’s not just a Christian, but actually unstable. But with some Christians, you never know.
  3. Time: The Battle for Mother Teresa’s Remains
  4. Generate your own title, like “The Elder Brother Maynard” or “Brother Maynard the Lance Elf” or “Brother Maynard the Handsomely Sick”
  5. Ever wonder how many tweets are floating by on Twitter
  6. Go on, have a pint with the Lord (The Globe & Mail notices theology pubs)
  7. FOR SALE: Proof That Balloon Boy Was A Hoax
  8. One shouldn’t be surprised anymore, but you may ask if charities should be forced to reveal executive salaries. Apparently Franklin Graham hauled in $1Million salary last year. It makes you go hmmm, indeed. He’s volunteered to give up his BGEA salary in the future and squeak by on just the $535,000 he took out of the Samaritan’s Purse. Is it just me, or does that last phrase sound a little off? (via Bill Kinnon) Oh — understand, I’m not saying the executives of charities shouldn’t be paid for their service, but how fitting does it seem for people living on $30-40k per year to be funding any charity where the CEO makes 10-15 times what they do in a year? You’d think this would mute the funding appeals, wouldn’t you? Sadly, no.
  9. Have I linked this before? On Movies as Spiritual Discipline (maybe it goes with this movie piece from the archives.)
  10. The Canadian institute for the study of pop culture & religion

Finally, to wrap up — fresh+re:fresh, the book edited by Len Hjalmarson and me, is now shipping. See for more info, or get thee to Amazon. (Not sure why the page there says “out of print” — it’s just gone into print.)

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