gourds.jpg I’m not off my gourd or anything, but it’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and my regular linkage has slipped off its cracker from Saturday to Sunday. What are you going to do, fire me? I’ve still got two days left in my (long) weekend, so there. Still and all, here are some mildly-belated links. I think these might be more random and miscellaneous than usual… but check out #10.

  1. The Google Earth alphabet found in Britain’s hedgerows, roads and buildings
  2. Bill Kinnon posts Stetzer and Fitch Part III – Telling an Alternative Missional Story
  3. Make a Survival Kit out of an Altoids Tin
  4. Religion, the Facebook way: “Listing one’s faith on social network not always simple”
  5. Assuming there are others like me who have a combination padlock kicking around for which they can’t remember the combination, you may also be wondering How to Crack a Master Lock. Maybe I’ll give this a try… promise nothing nefarious with this info, though.
  6. Christians Trying to Convert Non-Christians — short video, good stuff.
  7. If the MBTI is all Greek to you, maybe you’ll understand The Greek Verb Personality Guide
  8. Have you heard what Marge Simpson is up to?
  9. Obama Named Country Music Entertainer of the Year
  10. This is just downright disturbing: U.S. Conservapedians Want to Rewrite the Bible. Sure, they say “translate” instead of “rewrite”, but here’s a tip for you: when your translation guidelines are set out to conform to interpretive results, you know you’ve got the cart before the horse. Yikes. btw, is it just me, or is there a much more solidified syncretism between American conservative patriotism and American Christianity than there ever was ten years ago?
  11. Interview with Michael Card: Writer, Musician, Theologian (via Scot McKnight)

Okay… how about some offbeat quizzage to wrap it up?

You Are the Innovator

You’re the type of person who is always a step ahead of everyone else. You thrive when you’re experimenting with new designs, ideas, and attitudes. You are a creative person with many talents. You have to have artistic outlets in your life. You need to create – whether it’s writing furiously or redecorating your home. If not, your life becomes chaotic. You tire of doing the same thing every day. You change your job, friends, and personal style often. You are at your best when you have a focus. If not, you develop a flaky artist’s temperament. What Role Do You Play?

Which Crazy Writer Are You?

J.D. Salinger
You are quite possibly one of the greatest creative minds of your generation… not that you want anyone to know, of course. Not only have you been in hiding for several decades, you refuse to publish any of your recent work. You would very likely be a perennial Pulitzer Prize candidate, but your writing sits in a de-humidified bank vault in your humble New Hampshire ranch, awaiting the day that your next-of-kin decides to make a few hundred million dollars. Why the secrecy? Afraid people will read too much into your repeated affairs with barely-of-age girls? Afraid people will begin to see you in every single one of your maladjusted, unstable characters? Which Crazy Writer Are You?

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