talklikeapirate.png AARRRRRrrrrrr, an’ a hearty Talk Like A Pirate Day to ye all, me hearties! Aye, you guessed it. Argh, it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day again, mateys!

And on that note, Kester Brewin makes A Plea for Christian Piracy. Or maybe that’s a different note. Either way, it be Saturday, and Avast! It’s Random Linkage day as well!

  1. “The Church is an indoor affair. … Love lives outside.” — Pam Hogeweide, Five Memories, Five Days : Church Gone Wild (Jackie Pullinger and Hong Kong Street Sleepers)
  2. Online Lectionary Resources (via Christine Sine)
  3. The Mosaic Holy Bible looks interesting… per Len Hjalmarson’s post, “It has gorgeous, inspiring artwork from the 3rd to 21st centuries from every continent across the globe. It contains poignant, and thought-provoking writings from the 1st to 21st centuries from every continent, and branch of the Church around the world. Both artwork and writings follow the Church calendar throughout the year starting with Advent.”
  4. Kathy Escobar: i used to but now i… (Gold.)
  5. You are only a church if…
  6. Tallskinnykiwi on Problogger and why the Reformed bloggers are beating the Emerging Bloggers
  7. Camping enthusiast and lumberjacks take note — or anyone else who thinks a good axe should cost more than a good chainsaw.
  8. New Blog Plug: Sym’s City: The one year northern adventure of the Symanski family — this is the blog of one of the families in our merry band of misfits with whom we drink wine and talk theology, then call it “church”. They’ve trucked off to Haines Junction, Yukon for a year… but everyone who knows them said before they left, “Oh come on, admit it. You’re not coming back.” (Take a look at the scenery, images of which are followed by the tag line, “Can you speak? I live in a frikkin’ postcard!”)
  9. Another Blog Plug: Dan Kern is a writer buddy of mine (and compatriot schemer), and he’s begun keeping an online journal with short stories and thoughtful essays, like this one. Definitely worth following on Twitter as well.
  10. And a Blog Re-Plug: Rob (Robbymac) McAlpine is blogging again, and has returned some of his archives to the interwebs.
  11. I wrap up here and leave you with another weekly meanderer, even if he’s not talking like a pirate today.


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