webriggers-sailboat.jpg Sorry I haven’t read more this week, and thus have fewer relevant links to share in this installment. I’ve been busy working on a new venture which isn’t really new, just something that’s been ongoing being branded as a division of my existing thing. I think every third emerging/missional blogger or pastor is paying the bills doing web development. Of the other two, one of them has a friend or brother or daughter or nephew’s mother-in-law’s dog walker who does, but if you’re that third one, I’m ready to talk business.

In the weeks ahead, I’ve got a workshop to prepare for presentation at a Phyllis Tickle conference in October, but for now I do have a few sparse links to share.

  1. Bible Merger: Scot McKnight clarifies a CT article… the TNIV and NIV will be updated and merged into the NIV2011. Jordon Cooper riffs on that, and I gotta say, I’m with Jordon (except for anything good he says about a Microsoft product)… and fwiw, I’ve got a print version of the NET Bible marked “Beta”.
  2. David Fitch: IF I JUST PREACH A GOOD SERMON- THEY WILL COME: Three Dying Myths (of Christendom) About Preaching. Some of these just really need to die… something about an overused citation on the definition of insanity.
  3. 50 things that are being killed by the internet
  4. While I was reading the foregoing, I noted two more links: 20 coolest Christian T-shirts for sale on web and 20 coolest atheist T-shirts for sale on the web
  5. Peter Rollins ran a parable contest, and now publishes the winners.
  6. Justin Taylor judges a book by its blurbs. Does that work? Maybe in this case?
  7. Paul Fromont opines briefly on an assertion by Andrew Perriman that “the emerging church is probably not a good entry point into the faith [because] it has evolved to deal with a quite different set of issues.”

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