playing-cards.jpg Back after a hiatus while mostly ignoring the Interwebs last week. We resume the randomness with a neat card trick you can learn to amaze your friends and impress your kids.

  1. Fascinating archive Video of Helen Keller and her teacher Anne Sullivan explaining how she learned to communicate.
  2. How does the Internet see you? Ask Personas — much fun to watch it working.
  3. Brad Boydston lists Top 10 reasons the church planting movement in North America is in trouble
  4. You and the Liturgical Year — in which Scot McKnight recommends Living the Christian Year: Time to Inhabit the Story of God: an Introduction and Devotional Guide
  5. Why Brian McLaren is celebrating Ramadan
  6. Gone Forever: What Does It Take to Really Disappear? Evan Ratliff gives it a try… find him within 30 days and win $5,000.
  7. Facebook to Announce Privacy Changes — of course, privacy concerns are only one of the reasons people are quitting Facebook in droves. Enter “why I quit” in the Google search box, and the top two suggestions to complete the phrase are “Facebook” and “church”. Hmmm.
  8. Darryl Dash recommends Reclaiming the Mind Ministries [Browser] Toolbar for Bible and Theological studies
  9. Good Bookstores: If We Ignore Them, They’ll Go Away
  10. Bill Kinnon is talking about forgiveness, and so is “Sarah”. Challenging, both… I’m not always so good at this one.
  11. I haven’t watched this video of Ed Stetzer Missional Small Communities yet, but Jonathan Brink recommends it.
  12. “The Barna Group released the findings of a new study that showed ‘congregational size is related to the nature of a congregation’s religious beliefs, religious behavior and demographic profile.'” — Ed Stetzer on A Church’s Size and Its Theology

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